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One Direction Imagines: TEMPORARILY CLOSED

Your Actions Speak Louder Than Your Words

"Love, how are ya doing? I miss you."

"No, you don't."

"Yes, I do! Why wouldn't I miss you?"

"Because you were with her again!"

"I was just hanging out with her! I've already told you! Danielle and I are not together!"

"Then how to you manage to spend more time with her than with me?"

"I don't! It just looks like it!"

"Liam, I don't know how much longer I can deal with this."

"Kirsten, please listen to-"

"No. Goodbye, Liam."



Kirsten hung up on me.

I can't believe she doesn't trust me! I mean, sure, I was spending time with Danielle, but I only did when I needed help with Kirsten. I'm not a girl, I needed help with body language, and all that.

I quickly dialed Danielle's number. "Danielle, I need your help."

"Sure thing, Liam. What's up?"

"Kirsten's mad at me for spending time with you. She hung up on me."

"Here's what you need to do. Just call me if you need help. No more being seen with me. Now, go to her. To surprise her, you need to show up unexpectedly, and bring stuff that she likes. Serenade her. We love that kind of thing. Also, don't talk about other girls when you're with her. It makes us jealous."

"Thanks a bunch, Danielle. You're a lifesaver."

"No problem, Liam. Bye."

I hung up and made a mental list of things Kirsten liked. Animals, romance movies, what else?


I was out walking. I had to clear my head.

Once I came back to my house, there was someone standing at me door. The person turned around to leave, and I drew a quick breath. He was at my door.

"What are you doing here, Liam?"

"I love you. I was stupid. I'm sorry. Can we start over? I brought you some stuff... And I have to talk to you. I need to talk to you."

"Liam... I don't know."

"If you let me come inside, I can show you."

"Liam, you-"

Liam cut me off by grabbing my arms, and pulling me close. His nose softly nuzzled my cheek. "Kirsten. Look at me." I looked into his eyes, and saw nothing but love. My heart beat fast as I touched his face. I gently brought my lips to his.

"You can come in now."

He lightly chuckled, and pulled me inside. He sat me down on the couch and set down a bag that I didn't see before. He pulled out The Vow and The Notebook, and then he quickly put something behind his back.

"Liam... What do you have?"

"A present. Just for you."

Then he pulled out a little stuffed tiger.

"Aww, Liam! It's so adorable! I love it!" I took the tiger out of his hands, and snuggled it in my arms. Liam popped in The Notebook in my DVD player, and sat down next to me. He gathered me up, and set me on his lap.

His lips found the soft skin behind my ear and softly whispered the lyrics of a song.

Girl I see it in your eyes you’re disappointed
‘Cause I’m the foolish one that you anointed with your heart
I tore it apart

And girl what a mess I made upon your innocence
And no woman in the world deserves this
But here I am asking you for one more chance

Can we fall one more time?
Stop the tape and rewind
Oh, and if you walk away
I know I’ll fade
‘Cause there is nobody else

It’s gotta be you
Only you
It’s got to be you
Only you


Now, girl, I hear it in your voice and how it trembles
When you speak to me I don’t resemble who I was
You’ve almost had enough

And your actions speak louder than your words
And you’re about to break from all you’ve heard
But don’t be scared, I ain’t going nowhere

I’ll be here by your side
No more fears, no more crying
But if you walk away
I know I’ll fade
'Cause there is nobody else

It’s gotta be you
Only you

It’s got to be you
Only you
Oh, girl,

Can we try one more, one more time?
One more, one more?
Can we try one more, one more time?
I’ll make it better

One more, one more,
Can we try one more, one more...
Can we try one more time and make it all better?

'Cause it's gotta be you
It's gotta be you
Only you
Only you
It’s gotta be you
Only you
It’s got to be you
Only you

I turned to face Liam. His gaze was on me, his eyes caressing my face. He slowly lowered his face to mine.


I'm almost ready to open the imagines. Prepare yourself!


My full name is Lily Whitelaw I am 17 a quiet girl and a very sweet girl with a great sence of humor, blue eyes and brown hair short pretty loves music is a great singer has 3 best friends Sarah, Charlotte and Emily she has a mum and dad,dad is called James and mum is called Helen she is a triplet, she has a triplet brother and a triplet sister her sister is called Hayley and her brother is called Derek, she has a cousion called Emelia she is 17 she is 2 months older than her she also has a younger sister who is 13 her name is Kaylah, she goes to high school one about Niall every girl fancies him and falls in love with him but he only falls in love with me he is 18 years old , Me and my family live in LA
1D song: another world

MrsLilyHoran MrsLilyHoran
@Liam's Girl
No problem
PickNandos PickNandos
Liam's Girl Liam's Girl
@Liam's Girl
See, anyone who realizes that the writers on here need to take their time sometimes, is not dumb, it shows you have more understanding than pretty much over half of this website. I don't know you, or your life story. But I know a couple things. One, you're a beautiful, beautiful girl who IS NOT DUMB. read those words. I mean it. And two, the more you think it, the more you believe it. Don't do that to yourself.
PickNandos PickNandos
No i am, i just care and know how you feel @PickNandos
Liam's Girl Liam's Girl