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Things Happen

Chapter 16

It was 6:00 and Kyle and Kevin came around 5:45. Katie cam at 6:00 and Jake, Blake, and Aiden all showed up together a few minutes after Katie.
"Kyle, Kevin, Katie, this is Jake, Blake, Aiden, and Chloe." I said in a hopeful voice.
"Oh, I thought it would be just us..." Katie trailed off.
"I wanted you all to meet because you are all my best friends and I wanted you guys to get along and get to know each other." I admitted.
"Well might as well get to know the guys my girlfriends hanging out with." Kyle agreed.
"Great, let's start off with truth or dare." I announced.
"I'll start!" Chloe finally said. "Katie, truth or dare?"
"Dare of course."
"I dare you to do seven minutes in heaven with Kevin." Chloe smirked.
"Easy." With that she took Kevin's hand and led him into the bathroom.
Seven minutes later they both came out and Kevin had screwed up hair. They both sat down and we continued the game.
"Jake, Truth or dare?" Katie asked.
"Who was yourfirst kiss and when was it?"
"Chloe, when we were 11."
"And we've been dating ever since." Chloe added on with a smile.
"Tiffany, truth or dare?"
"Do you really love Kyle?"
"Yes." I stated with no hesitation.
"Aiden, truth or dare?"
And it continued like that for over an hour.
"Let's watch a movie." I said when everyone was getting bored.
They all agreed and we settled on watching Ted. Kyle sat on the end, I sat next to him, Jake next to me, then Chloe. Kevin sat in the love seat with Katie on his lap. Aiden and Blake just sat on the floor.
When the movie was over Aiden and Blake had to be home, so they left.
Just minutes after they left, the power went out because of the storm.
"Great." Kyle said gloomily.
"Hey, Tiffany?" Jake questioned.
"Can I talk to you in private for a minute?"
"Yea sure." I grabbed a candle and we went into my room.
"What's up? I asked him after I closed the door.
"I didn't know who else to talk to about this but, I wanna break up with Chloe." He announced.
"Why?" I asked curiously.
"Because I like someone else."
"Oh. Well I think you should just tell her the truth. Just tell her you don't have feelings for her anymore and you want to see other people. I think she'll understand."
"No problem."
We went back downstairs and just sat there in silence as Jake took Chloe into the kitchen. I heard a door slam and Jake came back alone.
"What happened?" I asked, already sure of the answer.
"She left." He said bluntly.
"Oh." I thought he would say more of what happened but whatever.


@I l o v e one direction

Sorry guys! I wrote it a while ago and just posted it. But thanks for the positive comments!

SarahHoran SarahHoran
@I l o v e one direction

Took the words right outta my mouth.
Is that the end?! It can't be I really like this story!