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Things Happen

Chapter 10

When we got home, Andrew wanted to go see a movie so Dad said that he would take him and a friend. I didn't want to go so I said I would stay home. Plus I was tired.
When they left I decided it was the best time if any. I started looking through the whole entire house. I started with downstairs. All that was down there was a washer and a dryer and pipes and shit. So I moved to ground level the kitchen I had alreay looked through and same with the living room, so I went upstairs to my dad's room.
In his bathroom was normal guy stuff. A razor, a toothbrush, toothpaste, a comb, a shower, shampoo, conditioner, soap. So I looked through his giant closet. In the back I found a whole bunch of 1D stuff. I figured that was the band that he was in and he kept stuff. I found a CRAZY MOFOS shirt and decided to try it on. It fit me pretty well so I kept it on. I found a varsity jacket too so I put it on. I liked it.
I decided to ask Dad about it when he gets home. Or just let him figure it out on his own. That might be funnier.
I went on youtube and searched One Direction. Thousands of results came up. I started watching and him and his band were actually pretty cool. I heard a few of their songs and videos of them doing random shit and thought that if I were alive back then, I would've been a fan.
I heard I door close downstairs and I guessed they were home. I shut the laptop my dad had bought for me and went downstairs to greet them. I walked down the stairs and he noticed right away.
"Hey, you're wearing my old clothes." He said with a smile.
"Yea, I found it in your closet. I got bored so.." I trailed off.
"Yea, we could go through it and you could have some of it if you'd like."
It was then when I noticed Andrew's friend. He looked older, like about my age.
"Hello." I greeted happily. "I'm Tiffany."
"I'm Ryan."
"How old are you?"
"Just turned 14."
"Interesting. I'll be in my room." I told my dad.
I went up the stairs and onto my laptop. I went straight to facebook and told Kyle my dad's address and that he needs to come tomorrow.
"Hey Dad!!" I called from my room.
He came up and into my room.
"Can Kyle come over tomorrow?"
"Who's Kyle?"
"My boyfriend."
"Oh, Um. Sure. Where does he live?"
"In my old town. It's only an hour away."


@I l o v e one direction

Sorry guys! I wrote it a while ago and just posted it. But thanks for the positive comments!

SarahHoran SarahHoran
@I l o v e one direction

Took the words right outta my mouth.
Is that the end?! It can't be I really like this story!