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Everything I want, Nothing I'll ever have (Liam Payne fan fic)

Chapter 7 Happiness/Clubbing

(Natalie's pov):
I was having a peaceful sleep until the sun decided to evade my eyes, I sat up in bed and stretched, the time was 9:00 a.m. I looked over on Liam's side and he wasn't there, he was probably downstairs cooking breakfast. I slid my black robe over my waist and headed downstairs. I walked into the kitchen and I was right Liam was at the stove cooking, Eggs, Bacon and toast.

"Good morning, roommate." Liam said, giving me a chaste kiss on the lips.

"Good morning, breakfast smells really good." I complimented him.

"Thank you! It will be done in a few minutes." He replied back.

I nodded and sat at the kitchen table sipping on some coffee.

Liam fixed my plate and his as well. I dug into my food quickly, Liam watching me amusingly.

"What?" I asked.

"You must be hungry." He said, with a laugh.

"I am." I defended.

After breakfast I decided to wash dishes since Liam cooked.

"So what are you and lads doing today?" I asked.

"We might play some football and I was thinking maybe later we all could go out clubbing." He suggested.

"As long as we don't run into that Katie girl." I said, in a jealous tone.

"Just ignore her if we do, I love you not her." He said, and went upstairs to shower.

I cleaned up the dishes and decided to hang pictures up since we didn't get it done last night. I'm finally content where I am, especially with Liam.

I was brought out of my thoughts by the sound of my cell-phone., I had a text from Sammie.

Hey girl, do you want to hang out with Hayleigh and I, while the boys are hanging out?

I replied back. Sure, sounds like fun, Liam suggested that we go clubbing tonight while they have the few days off of rehearsals. XOXO Nat

She texted back and said okay, they were going to be here in an hour. Liam had already gone so I went up to take a short shower and get dressed for the day, I decided on this look:

By the time I went downstairs, Hayleigh,Sammie, Perrie and Eleanor were here. I love these girls.

"Hey come on in girls, make yourselves at home." I said, happily.

"Nice place you got here,Nat." Perrie said, smiling.

"Thank you, Liam is the one who found it." I replied.

"Okay, what should we do?" Sammie asked.

"How about we watch a movie, were not going clubbing until around 7." Hayleigh said, shrugging.

I nodded and we decided on the movie 'Pitch Perfect', which was one of my favorite movies. I sat down my El and Sammie.

An hour later: 12:00 p.m.
The girls' and I finished our third movie and they decided to go home and relax until we go out tonight, I was tired so I went up to mine and Liams's room to take a nap.

A few hours later I felt someone shaking me.

"Nat, wake up it's 4:00." Liam said.

I groaned and rubbed the sleep from my eyes.

"When did you get back?" I asked.

"Just a little bit ago." He replied.

I nodded and went downstairs to cook dinner, I maid Spaghetti.

Liam and I sat down to dinner after it was done and then we decided to get ready for clubbing.

I got ready and we were on our way out, I hope Katie isn't there.

When we went there the bouncer asked for our I.D., after we showed him he let us through.

"Come on babe lets go dance." Sammie said, dragging Harry to the dance floor.

"Can I have this dance?" Liam asked, holding a hand out.

"Sure." I said, smiling.

We danced to the song "Timber" and I was having a blast, and so far I haven't seen that Katie girl. The song ended a few minutes later.

"Li, I'm going to go get a drink. Do you want anything?" I asked.

"No." He said.

I went to the bar and ordered a Martini, which was my favorite drink.

"Your total is $7.50." The bartender said.

I gave him the exact change and went to go find Liam.

I found him sitting next to a booth talking to Niall.

"Hey boys." I said, sitting down.

"Hey." They said.

A few dances later, my head was swimming and I was drunk out of my mind. Liam decided to take me home.

"Liaaaaam!, yo-you are an amazing boyfriend." I slurred.

"Thank you, I think you had too many drinks." He said, laughing.

When we pulled up I went straight to the bathroom and puked.

"Here take these." He said, handing me two Tylenol and a glass of water.


He undressed me down to my bra and underwear and slipped some pj's on me. I passed out after that. I knew I was going to regret drinking and on top of that I have to work at 1 tomorrow


Hope u like the update, sorry if it sucked but i wanted to get something up. Let me know what u want in the next chapter. Im thinking about ending this soon

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Yea I understand. I just made a one-shot called How Could You. You should check it out if you want. :)
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