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When You Let Your Heart Win

Chapter 9

"Look! I brought her back! Don't hurt me!" Lou grabbed me and pulled me in front of him as Daisy heard us walk through the door.
"Wow! Put me in harm’s way." I scoffed.
"I'd never hurt you, Teddy." Daisy smiled grabbing my hands and checking to make sure my nails weren't messed up.
"I've been good." I giggled.
"Yes you have." She smiled up at me. "Now let's go."
So it's like half ten now, I’m cold because I thought it’d be fun to walk outside in my pajamas, my feet hurt from walking without shoes on, my arse hurts because those horrible benches in the park, so right now, I just want a cup of tea and a nice long bubble bath without interruptions. But after Daisy finishes my nails, of course. Who's cool enough to say they have minion nails? Ha, this girl.
"There you are, Poppet. Where've you been?" Jay asked walking in with a cup of tea. Uh, I want one.
"Went for a walk." I shrugged. "I needed some air, too much fumes getting to my small head, I guess."
"If that's what you call it." Lou snorted.
"Ha ha, you are so funny!" I laughed sarcastically.
"Do you want a cup of tea?" Jay laughed.
"Oh my God, yes please." I moaned in desperation. This woman can read my mind.
"Louis, go get her a cup." Jay smiled as I burst into a fit of giggles.
“Mumma’s boy or not, she just told you.” I giggled louder.
“Be nice.” He pointed at me. “I’m making it, you never know, I could accidentally throw salt in there instead of sugar.”
“You wouldn’t!” I exclaimed.
“Sugar and salt do look alike.” He sighed walking away.
“Louis William…” I started about to stand up.
“You sit right back down, Teddy!” But Daisy stopped me. “Your nails are freshly painted, I don’t want any smudges.”
“Sorry, Daisy.” I frowned. “I forgot for a second on what was going on.”
“It’s okay.” She smiled happily. “After you’re done, I’ll help you beat up Louis.”
“Hey!” What a drama queen.
“Love you.” Daisy smiled up at him as he handed me my tea.
“Yeah, I think I love you too.” He joked.
“Thanks, Lou.” I smiled placing my lips at the edge of the cup, then stopped. “This doesn’t have salt in it, does it?!”
“No.” He laughed. “I was kidding, Bear.”
“You’re evil when you want to be.” I said as I looked at my tea.
“But I’m not now.” He laughed. “I promise it’s just tea and sugar.”
“Pinkie swear?” I leaned my head back and looked up at him as I held up my pinkie. Tehe, he looks funny upside down.
“You’re such a child.” He laughed linking our pinkies. “I swear it’s just tea and sugar.”
“Okay.” I smiled giving Daisy my hand back, before she lashed out and took a sip of my tea and moaned out. “How do you always make the best tea while when I make it, it turns out horribly wrong”
“Because I’m cool like that.” He shrugged sitting on the couch behind me.
“Cocky arse in the house.” I snorted. “Where are the others?”
“They were out in the garden, last time I checked.” Jay smiled laying back.
“Louis, were you giving your mum a hard time today?” I joked.
“I didn’t do anything!” He yelled defending himself. “Why is it always me?”
“Because it always is you.” Jay and I said in sync.
“Is not.” He pouted as I started to laugh. Loudly.
“You’re not so perfect either, Ted.” He huffed.
“I am too perfect.” I sassed squinting my eyes at him.
“Yeah, you are.”
After Daisy was done with my nails, I laid sprawled out on the couch, and some on Louis, watching whatever was on TV while I waited for my nails to dry. And let’s just say, they look perrrrrrrrrrrfect. The Tomlinson family really needs to share some of their talent, because some people need it. AKA me.
“What do you want to do today, Bear?” Lou asked as he messed with my hair.
“I don’t care.” I sighed out of boredom. Jeremy Kyle just does not do it for me. “But, you might want to check twitter.”
“Why?” He asked making me look at him.
“Don’t do that.” I laughed slapping his forehead. “You’ll get premature wrinkles.”
“Harry told me there are pictures from my parents’ house.” I sighed. “Apparently we look all couple-ly.”
“Shit.” He sighed. “That’s why El is ignoring me.”
“Oh trouble in paradise.” I scoffed.
“Call her and tell her there isn’t anything to worry about.” I shrugged getting up.
“I’m taking a shower.” I waved walking up the stairs. Just when we started to act normal again, Eleanor’s name gets thrown into our conversation. Sigh, this sucks. Why couldn’t I like someone single?
Ohhh, bathroom, I love you. Let me just tell you, this bathroom has the best shower head in the history of shower heads. It’s perfect.
As I started the water, adjusting it to the correct temperature, I started humming Harry’s ringtone he put in my phone; Eminem and Nate Dogg’s Shake That. Seriously how did he get my phone? Sneaky little bastard.
“What?! Ahh, semi naked here!” I jumped around holding my shirt to my chest. “You’re an arse.”
“Sorry.” He laughed walking over to the toilet and sat down on the lid.
“What are you doing?” I asked slowly as I watched him move.
“I want to talk.” He shrugged.
“Can we talk later whenever I have clothes on and I’m not about to get in the shower?” I asked.
“Should I break up with Eleanor?”
“What?” I shook my head.
“If I break up with her, where would we be?” He asked.
“In the same place we are right now?” I replied. God I am confused.
“So if I break up with her, for you, you won’t date me?” He asked standing up and pressed our bodies together.
“I… uhm… I don’t… know.” Fuck, go away. You’re making my head fuzzy.
“Can you just leave?” I whispered getting out of his grip and walked past him. Thank God this bathroom isn't really, really tiny.
“What do you want?” He asked turning around quickly.
“Things to be normal again.” I replied and started again before he could speak. “To be able to look at you and not want to kiss you.” I shrugged feeling the urge to cry. “To be around you and not think ‘oh I can’t be with him because he has a girlfriend’ or ‘if I make a move, I’m a slag my parents think I really am.’”
“So you just want to be friends?” He asked in a whisper as his voice cracked.
“It’s easier, so yeah.”
I’m a twat. Why you ask, because Jay thought it’d be a good idea to make us all go to Yorkshire’s Wildlife Park today. It’s a nice day, so yeah, sure why not? But she must know me and Louis are… well, I don’t know what we are, so she had Lottie sit up front with her, making Fizzy and Daisy in the middle seat and Louis, Phoebe and me in the back seat. With Louis in the middle. And he’s not talking to me. So here I am, picking at my skirt, looking out the window bored. And every now and then, I’ll look over and Louis’ texting. Eleanor. Super.
“How did your nails come out?” Phoebe asked.
“Amazing.” I smiled leaning over Louis to show her.
“Have you seen Despicable Me 2 yet?” She smiled as she gushed over how amazing my nails are.
“No.” I frowned slumping some. “I’ve heard it’s really good.”
“Mummy, can we go see Despicable Me later?” Phoebs called up to her mother.
“Depends what time we get back, love.” Jay smiled in the review mirror.
“But Mum, its summer, can we stay out late just once?” Daisy chimed in, making me laugh quietly and sit back straight.
“I’ll think about it.” She replied looking at me. “You okay, poppet?”
“Yeah.” I smiled.
“You sure?”
“Mum, she’s fine.” Louis got out before me.
“Alright, alright.” She sighed, making me look at him.
“If you’re pissed at me, take it out on me, not her or anyone else for that matter.” I whispered.
“I’m not mad.” He shrugged.
“Bullshit.” I whispered harshly. “You’ve been ignoring me ever since…”
“I know when.” He stopped me as he looked over towards me.
“I’m sorry.” I frowned, making him shrug.
“Shit happens.”
“It’s fine.” He sighed.
“No it’s not.”
“It’s just how it is, Teddy.”
I’m a twat. I’m a twat. I’m a motherfucking twat.
This trip is horrible.
I want to go home and stuff my face with Ben & Jerry’s and call it a night.
Louis has had his nose stuck in his phone the whole time, not enjoying this at all and since I know he’s texting Eleanor, I’m not enjoying myself either. Yes, I have no right to be mad since I told him I want everything to go back to normal, but I’m confuseddddd. I don’t know what I want. And he’s being a twat and ignoring me. We’re both twats. Sad face.
“Poppet, what would you like to see?” Jay asked linking our arms.
‘Louis single.’ I said in my head. Could you just hear the outbursts now if I did say that? Ha!
“I don’t mind.” I smiled. “Whatever the girls want to see is fine.”
“She wants to see the zebras.” Louis sighed walking up beside us.
“Then let’s go to the zebras.” Jay smiled walking towards the girls, leaving me with Louis.
“How’d you know I wanted to see the zebras?” I asked glancing at him.
“Because I know you.” He snorted walking away, but swinging back when I pulled his hand back and hugged him.
“I said ‘normal,’ Louis. Not ‘ignore me.’”
“I know.” He sighed hugging me back.
“Then put your bloody phone down and spend time with your family and me.” I argued looking up at him. “They may not say something, but I sure as hell will.”
“Teddy?” He groaned.
“Get over it.” I stomped my foot, making him smile. “Now since you’ve smiled, go smile around your family before they think you forgot how to do it.”
“Go!” I pointed towards them.
“Then you’re coming with me.” He smiled, taking my hand and lacing our fingers together as he walked us towards the five lovely ladies.
“Oh look, Louis’ smiling, mum.” Fizzy smiled.
“That’s nice to see.” Jay smiled then looked at our hands and smiled a little bigger, but didn’t comment.
“Louis, save me!” I giggled running away from the twins who had a little snake in their hands. Yes it’s fake, but c’mon, they look real and I hate anything that crawls and slithers.
“Bear, they’re not real.” He laughed as I hugged him from behind and moved us around as the girls tried to get me.
“I don’t care. They’re freaky.” I whimpered. “Daisy! Ewwww!”
“Dais, Phoebs, enough.” Lou laughed.
“Aw, come on, Louis, it’s fun.” Phoebe whined, making me lean around Louis and stick my tongue out at her.
“I know, but if you continue, she’ll have a heart attack.” He laughed.
“What?!” I screeched letting go of him and pushed him a little.
“You don’t do any cardio, so I’m saving your life, Bear.” He laughed.
“You’re an arse.” I huffed crossing my arms.
“I’m sorry.” He laughed picking me up.
“No.” I huffed not making it easy for him.
“Teddy Bear?” He whined. Uh, when he calls me that, I melt.
“You’re an arse.” I sighed wrapping my legs around his waist, locking my ankles and wrapping my arms around his neck.
“But you love me.” He laughed.
“To a certain extent.” I giggled, making him scoff.
“If you’re going to play like that, get off.” He huffed playfully.
“Never.” I smiled hugging him tighter.
“Mum, go ahead, we’ll catch up.” He laughed sitting down.
“Alright, be good, you two.” She laughed. “Come on, girls.”
“Bear?” He whispered.
“Shh.” I smiled nudging my head into his neck.
“This isn’t us being normal.” He sighed.
“I know.” I mumbled.
“You wanted normal, Bear.”
“I know.” I whispered looking at him. “I don’t know how to get back there.”
“It mi…”
“Or if I want to go back there.” I’m fucking bipolar.
“Jesus, Teddy, you are taking me in circles.” He sighed laying his forehead on my shoulder.
“I’m sorry.” I whispered messing with his hair.
“Bear, do you want to be with me?” He asked looking me in the eye, making me nod.
“But…” I whispered looking down.
“But what?”
“You have Eleanor.” I shrugged. “I know I don’t like the bird, but jumping into a relationship right after breaking up with someone isn’t such a good idea. It’s rude.”
“How long are you going to make me wait then?” He asked lifting my head up so I was looking at him.
“I don’t know.” I whispered.
“All I do know is I want to be with you.”


hello, again :)
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like he looks really good, I'm like crying.
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but yeah, heyyyyyyy!
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i'm sorry I didn't have another chapter up yesterday.
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Omg I literaly got an email from the website that you updated! Gonna read the story from the beginning now :) Thanks for making my empty 1D heart a little less empty!

OutofStyles OutofStyles

Still here babe!! Not on the site actively but I will come back to support and love on you!!! Muah!!and yassssssssss Louis new single is everything. I fell in love.

Mixedthoughtz Mixedthoughtz

I'll literally always be here lol this is my number 1 favourite story!!! I even recommended it to many of my friends and a few of them don't even like 1D but they absolutely love the story :) And call me a very hopeful optimist but there is a big part of me that believes we will have either one more tour or another album in a few years' time. But until then, this story holds me together

Much Love ~Liz <3

LyssaMarie2447 LyssaMarie2447


I'm trying to. I promise. I just changed everything around and got a new and better PC, so I'm hoping. I'm still in love with this story and Louis (even if he's back with Eleanor). I've been rereading this lately and it's such a good story line and I want to finish it for people that are still around, but I feel like I lost a lot and with them not even being a band anymore, but I promise I'm trying. hopefully around next week I'll sit my ass down and get to work.
But thank you for still being here. you're the fricken best.

luckylo luckylo

Are you still going to finish WYLYHW? Sorry if I'm being annoying this story has just been a huge part of my life for so long and I feel like I'm having withdrawals lmao Or wasn't there gonna be a sequel? Did I miss that announcement?

Again sorry if I'm being annoying
Much Love ~Liz <3

LyssaMarie2447 LyssaMarie2447