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When You Let Your Heart Win

Chapter 85

Louis' POV

The second I got into the bathroom, Teddy was on me. I didn't even get to shut the door or turn on the light before she spun around with her hands on the sides of my neck and her lips were pressed to mine. It's nice to know and hilarious at the same time that she can't wait, and I thought I was the one who initiated this.
"Ow." I laughed as she backed me up against the door, my left bum cheek hitting the door knob, making her pull back.
"What?" She frowned. "Too rough?"
"No." I laughed again and rubbed my thumb against her jaw. "My arse doesn't like to be slammed into door knobs." I explained and watched her frown turn into a smile, a laugh following soon after.
"I'm sorry." She said as she continued to laugh and leaned her body against mine. "I just really want you."
"It's okay." I smiled and kissed her nose.
"Good." She smiled and slid her hands down my chest and to the crotch of my pants, causing me to groan. "Now get those pants off."
"Your hands are already there." I said as I held my breath. I gotta admit, she has a killer grip.
"Okay." She smiled again, but this smile was more evil, which meant she was going to tease the living shit out of me. Why do I have to always run my mouth? Yes, it's nice for her to be on her knees in front of me, but her teasing, I think I'd rather run through knives.
"I must be hot." She giggled.
"What?" I asked, lifting my head from where it was resting on the door and looked down at her, she had a proud grin on her face, and I started to panic on this inside. We don't necessarily have all the time in the world to tease and for me to nut it.
"If I lay my tongue on you, you'll probably blow." She giggled as she bit her lip and looked up at me. She's the devil. I actually believe she is the devil.
"Come here." I pushed her hands away before she could wrap anything around me.
"No." She whined. "I want to…"
"Not now." I shook my head and pulled her up. "If you're still awake, later." I smiled footing myself out of my jeans and slipped my hands into the back of her leggings and grabbed her bum. "I think I left a welt." I laughed, half amused, half apologetic.
"Oh God." She moaned and leaned into me more. "Spank me as many times are you want, baby."
"Maybe later." I said again, a smirk working it's way onto my face whenever I felt her drop an inch, telling me she slumped in disappointment. "It's okay, baby bear." I whispered in her ear. "You'll get spanked. After this afternoon, I'm definitely spanking you more often."
"Oh Jesus." She smiled and leaned even further into me.
"Like that idea?"
"Very much." She nodded as I slid my hands down further, her tights sliding down with me.
"God, can we pl…" She stopped mid sentence after I stood up straight again and lifted her leg to make her wrap it around the back of my thigh and pushed into her and started to move slowly.
"You were saying?" I smirked whenever she tried to complete her sentence, but she just let out a staggered breaths.
"Lou… fuck, stop."
"Why?" I asked as I did in fact stop.
"I said mirrors." She lifted a hand and pointed over her shoulder. "And I want mirrors."
"Right." I smiled and pushed her and her leg down slowly. "Sorry, bear." I whispered grabbing her waist and turned her around slowly before moving us towards the vanity. "I knew you'd like watching yourself." I smirked at her through the mirror as I grabbed the end of her jumper and lifted it over her head.
"Just to make me come faster." I smirked again, unclasped her bra and slid the straps slowly down her arms, goosebumps starting to form wherever my fingers slightly grazed. "You're beautiful, bear." I whispered and pressed every inch of myself against her and just looked at her. Every inch of her is bare and yet, I wish I could get her more naked. "I love you."
"I love you." She smiled and moved her back off my chest. "Shirt off." She demanded through the mirror, and I did. I grabbed the neck of my shirt and lifted it over my head and leaned down and pressed my chest back to her back once again.
"Happy?" I asked and kissed her shoulder.
"Mhmm." She hummed and swayed her hips against me. "Get in me." I never have to be told twice to be inside her. I think I never protested and I know for a fact I never will. She's beautifully perfect and she's mine.
The second I pushed against her, we both moaned, but soon after, I laughed because I had only the tip of my penis in her. I'll always be amazed with how amazing she feels. Doesn't matter how many inches I am inside her.
"Jesus." She panted locking her arms and dropping her head as I pushed in.
"No, no, no, baby bear." I tsked and grabbed her hair to make her look at us. "Watch."
"I've watched before and I about screamed my head off." She whined.
"Yeah, you bit me last time we did this." I laughed and looked at my hand. "I'm surprised you didn't leave a scar."
"I wish I did." She laughed, but I shut her up once I pressed my hips into her. Far enough it moved her completely against the vanity. "Jesus Christ." She moaned. "You better move before I move myself."
"Watch us." I whispered and kissed the side of her neck as I kept my grip on her hair and my other hand around her waist as I started to move. Soon after she started to breathe heavier and whimper. "Fuck, you're beautiful." I growled and let go of her and placed my hands over hers as I started to speed up some.
"Why… fuck, why do we do this around people?"
"Because I like to see you try to be quite."
"Oh… oh my God."
"You're going to be so spent." I laughed and slowed my thrusts some. "That's what? Five or six times today?"
"I hate you." She panted and laid flat against the counter, just to bring those images from earlier to rush back into my mind, the need to bring them into reality, to sit back and watch myself appear and disappear into her, it's practically eating me alive and telling me to fulfill my needs. And what better time is now?
"Trust me?" I panted slowing my movements even more until they came to a halt as I looked her in the eye of the mirror. Her whimpering and nodding her head was enough, so I pulled out, and heard some more whimpers and moved to the toilet and took a seat. "Come here." I patted my leg.
"Don't you want to put the seat down?" She bit the inside of her lip and questioned.
"No." I shook my head and reached for her, but she stepped back.
"You're not going to take a shit are you?" She scoffed at me.
"No!" I laughed.
"Then what… why won't you put the lid down?" Confusion looks so sexy on her.
"Because I don't have a condom, you're not on birth control and we now know you can get pregnant and I don't really want a mess in here whenever I come…"
"Oh my God, okay." She blushed and stepped towards me and went to straddle me, but I stopped her.
"No, Teddy Bear." I shook my head and pushed her leg.
"Wha…" she started, but I silenced her by leaning up some, grabbed her waist and turned her around. "Oh my God."
"How steady are you?" I asked in her ear, just to watch her shiver. "Can you stand properly?"
"Mhmm." She nodded and let me lower her back onto me, a long, beautiful moan rolling off her tongue.
"You sure you can do this?"
"Mhmm." She nodded again and waved her hand towards me. "Just… hold onto me."
"I won't let you fall." I laughed and grabbed her hand and tried to keep her steady.
"If I fall, no sex for a month. Happy wanking."
"I can't walk." Teddy laughed into her palm.
"I wasn't that rough." I laughed with her, but I felt bad. I hate hurting her even if she enjoys the pain.
"No, I'm fine. That's not it." She shook her head with a grin. "My legs won't stop shaking." She laughed again and clutched onto the sink. "They keep buckling whenever I stand up or try to walk." She was laughing harder now. "You're killing me each and every time we have sex."
"I don't know if I should be ecstatic about that or not." I smiled pressing my body up against hers and pushed some of the loose strands of hair behind her ear, before kissing her softly. "Sorry for being one hell of a shag."
"You're an arse." She laughed pushing me some, but I locked my feet and stayed in front of her.
"But you love me."
"Mhmm." She rolled her eyes. "For some mad reason I do."
"I'm charming."
"You're childish as hell." She retorted.
"But you love me." I whispered.
"Always." She sighed and wrapped her arms around my neck. "Even whenever you're a childish twat." She smiled as I threw my head back and laughed. "But you're my childish twat." She whispered whenever I settled down and looked back at her. "You better get used to it."
"Have been." I shrugged and leaned down to kiss her again, but there was a knock on the door, causing her to laugh and me to groan, both of us being reminded we have company right down the hall and apparently right behind the door. "I hope they're not knocking to complain about how loud you were."
"Hey!" She scoffed and slapped at my chest. "I was quiet!"
"You never are." I rolled my eyes and turned around and crouched for her to jump onto my back. "Even whenever you try, you're never quiet."
"You're such a dick." She huffed, but got onto my back and clung to me. "I love you."
"I lov…" I started but was interrupted by another knock on the door. "Ditto." I rephrased and walked to open the door.
"You know ditto written out, if you look at it quickly, it looks like dildo."
"What?" I laughed as I opened the door.
"It does." She nodded. "I'll show you once we ge…" She stopped mid sentence for whatever reason, then once I looked at the knocker, I understood why.
"Did you two jus…" Perrie stopped all before glaring at me. "You're a sick bastard." She shook her head and stormed away from us.
"What was that about?" Teddy asked from behind me, her words were no longer slurred since she's slowly starting to sober up.
"I don't know." I shrugged, bounced her further up my back and went the way Perrie went, just to find her in the living room, with everyone, arguing with Zayn.
"Give the damn baby to someone else and take me home before I walk home myself." Perrie was furious and I literally have no idea why. I don't think any of us do, but that's women for ya.
"That's a 30 minute walk, ba…"
"Zayn!" She growled.
"What happened?" He asked looking over at us after taking notice we walked into the room, causing Perrie to look at us and to glare after she looked at Teddy on my back and clinging to me.
"I need to get away from him." She spat the last word towards me.
"What did I do?" I asked her.
"You made Teddy miscarry!" She yelled, which scared Shayla, which made Zayn hand her to Sophia and made her quickly walk away to calm her down. I don't really know why she took the liberty to do it, probably because she's the less closest to us, I don't know, either way, I'm happy she did. Shayla's too young to be around harsh and loud words.
"And?" I asked keeping my voice calm as Teddy's legs loosened around me and she slid down slowly. She's Teddy's best friend and somewhat mine and I don't want to fuel her anger by yelling at her, so I'm keeping calm. Let's hope it can stay that way. "I'm a piece of shit yes, but why are you so upset about it?"
"I know you keep your condoms in your bedroom and I know for a fact Teddy is not on birth control!"
"So you're upset they had unprotected sex?" Zayn asked before I could.
"It's like he's trying to have another fucking kid!" She yelled waving a hand at us.
"So what if he is?" Zayn asked as Teddy wrapped her arm around mine.
"He got both of them pregnant!" She yells and I finally understand what she's talking about. "I know they're not being careful."
"How?" Zayn asked.
"I just heard them in the fucking bathroom!" She threw her hands up, then looked at me, then to Teddy and she slumped, which made me look back at her. She looked broken. "Teddy… damnit, I don't mean to be rude or upset you, but I don't want you to end up like El."
"I won't." She whispered and if I wasn't beside her, I don't think I would've heard her.
"He cheated on her while she was pregnant with his kid, what's stopping him from doing that to you?" She asked and I felt Teddy twitch and once Teddy didn't reply, Perrie continued. "He can't even defend himself, because he knows he'll leave you."
"No I won't." I snapped and took a step towards her, Teddy's arm falling. "You know exactly how I feel about her." My tone continuing to get harsher and harsher. "I called you time after time trying to decide if I should've dumped El and tried with Teddy. You know I see her more than I ever saw El. Teddy is hands down the love of my life."
"And what happens whenever you two break up?" She shrugged. "What then?"
"Who the fuck said we're breaking up?" I growled. "I married that girl." I said pointing back at Teddy.
"But you paid a fake priest."
"I still married her." I'm so on fucking edge right now. I want to snap and yell at Perrie so bad right now, but I know I can't. My tone is already too hard for my liking, but Perrie has never pissed me off this much. "I see your point, I'm knocking up all of London." I exaggerated. "But Teddy is different. I want… no I need Teddy in my life. I want a family with her whenever we're ready. I'm not going to fuck up anymore."
"I don't know if I can believe you." She shrugged. "I've seen and heard her cry over you too many times, Lou, I'm tired of it."
"So am I." Niall spoke up, which doesn't surprise me, as Teddy grabbed ahold of my arm again and laying her temple on my shoulder. "As much as I don't want to know how you two are using contraception, I care for Teddy, as does everyone in this room, but I'm tired of seeing her hurt, so before you both decide on having a family, fix everything first."
"We're not even trying." I explained.
"You just had unprotected sex, Louis." Perrie growled at me.
"And I pulled out and came in the toilet." I huffed. "You'd know that if you were in there, but since I don't want an audience whenever I'm with her, you weren't invited to the show." I ranted and the look on her face, it just proves she over reacted. "So you just brought this shit up, upset Teddy in the process, for nothing. You just can't keep your nose out of anything."
"Hey, man, don't go there." Zayn stepped up and defended her.
"It's true though." I shrugged. "She started something without knowing everything."
"That still doesn't give you the righ…"
"Stop it." Perrie whispered. "He's right. I over reacted and I didn't know all the facts."
"I understand why yo…"
"I know." She nodded and looked down at her hands. "I know you love her and I know you see her as the most perfect, confident and beautiful girl out there, but she's not invincible. She breaks whenever she gets jabbed at, and Shayla is the jab that will never stop jabbing." She said and took a shaky breath. "I know that loon on your arm sees you as her Prince Charming. She has the day I met her, she may of not known it then, but you've been the one for her since the first glance and I just can't take seeing her crumbled because you can't keep your shit together."
"I get that." I whispered and felt my shirt by my shoulder get wet, singling that Teddy was crying, again. "Shay's not coming on tour with us, so we'll be sorta normal…"
"You need to talk to Eleanor about that more, mate." Harry cut me off. "Yeah she doesn't want her newborn traveling non stop, but you have a say in this too."
"Yeah, and it's not like she's spending anytime with her." Niall snorted.
"She's giving me alone time with her." I shrugged my unoccupied shoulder.
"You're so quick to defend her." Perrie shook her head.
"What more can I do?" I shouted. "All of you hate her and the smallest things she does or doesn't do, she's a horrible mum."
"She hasn't given us any reason to make us believe she is a good mum." Harry laughed. "She was a better mum the day she was born than what she is now."
"I'll talk to her." I sighed.
"Do you want Shay to come on tour with you?" Perrie asked.
"It'd be nice since I won't see her for a good while, yes." I nodded.
"Then sit down and talk to her again. You're Shay's father. You deserve to see her whenever you please." She half pleaded, half demanded.
“Why?” I asked. “She has a right to not want her daughter to travel.”
“And she had no problem traveling with you nonstop for free.” Perrie snapped.
“Shayla and Eleanor are two different people.” I rolled my eyes. “To get you off my back, I’ll talk to her again, but I’m sure it’ll be the same outcome. I can’t force either of them to do anything they don’t want to.”
“Shayla is a newborn, she can’t speak for herself. Suck it up and talk to the bird and if she doesn’t change her mind, then threaten to take her for custody.”


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AAAHHHHH I love itttttt I can't wait to see what you come up with next!! Asss always you produce the most well written chapters and I'm so in love with this book.. oh did I say in love? I meant obsessed

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Omg I literaly got an email from the website that you updated! Gonna read the story from the beginning now :) Thanks for making my empty 1D heart a little less empty!

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Much Love ~Liz <3

LyssaMarie2447 LyssaMarie2447


I'm trying to. I promise. I just changed everything around and got a new and better PC, so I'm hoping. I'm still in love with this story and Louis (even if he's back with Eleanor). I've been rereading this lately and it's such a good story line and I want to finish it for people that are still around, but I feel like I lost a lot and with them not even being a band anymore, but I promise I'm trying. hopefully around next week I'll sit my ass down and get to work.
But thank you for still being here. you're the fricken best.

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