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When You Let Your Heart Win

Chapter 7

After Louis and I settled everything... okay almost everything, we changed into pajamas and joined Jay, Dan and the girls downstairs for the movie. They were nice enough to leave us a couch, so Jay and Dan had a couch to themselves, same as Lottie and Fizzy while the twins were on the floor with a bunch of blankets.
“Camping out tonight, girls?” I smiled as I walked into the living room.
“They’ll pass out there, so most likely.” Jay smiled. “Everything good?”
“Yep.” I smiled plopping down on the couch and leaned on Louis, who was already sitting with his back against the arm rest and one of his legs up on the couch.
“Thanks.” He huffed.
“Mhmm.” I hummed focusing in front of the TV, where Lottie and Fizzy were fighting over what movie to watch.
“Fizzy, we watched that last week, let’s watch this one.” Lottie begged.
“I’m glad I’m an only child.” I giggled.
“Try being the only boy.” Lou snorted. “Fizz, just let Lottie pick the movie.”
“You’re going to regret it, Lou.” She said throwing her head back.
“He’ll get over it, just like you’ll get over it.” Lottie sassed.
“Jay, you need to hide the girls from Louis.” I laughed.
“Hey!” Louis yelled.
“You’re turning your sisters into you; this world isn’t big enough for all of the sass.” I replied slapping his chest with the back of my hand.
“I am not turning them into me!” He whined.
“Mhmm.” I rolled my eyes and snuggled into him more trying to get comfortable. I’m glad he doesn’t work out and got solid abs. He’s pudgy; small, cute, Teddy approval pudgy.
“Comfortable yet?” Lou laughed as I kept fidgeting.
“Almost.” I huffed sitting up, slapped his stomach once and laid back again. “Better.” I nodded as he laughed. “Shut up.”
“I never saw a person slap the other person’s stomach to get comfortable.” He said as he continued to laugh.
“It worked, didn’t it?” I shrugged grabbing a blanket and pulling it over me. “Now shh.”
“Lottie, you did not?” Lou whined as the main menu of Penelope came up.
“Told you.” Fizz sang while getting up and walking towards the kitchen.
“Stop your whining.” I called out. “This movie is kick arse.”
“I’ve watched this too many times.” Lou continued to whine as Dan and Jay started to snicker. “It’s unmanly of how many times I have seen this movie.”
“Well then…” I sighed looking up at him. “Looks like you’ll just have to deal with it and watch it once more.”
“And she said mum had to hide us from you.” Fizz giggled taking a seat beside me and laid her head on my outer right thigh.
“Fizz, get up.” Lou barked.
“She’s fine.” I smiled messing with her hair.
Half way through, I may of gotten sleepy and fell asleep, to a certain existent though, I could still hear the movie and Lou laugh every now and then. He may of complained about watching this too many times, but he did never complain about liking it. What a dweeb.
“Louis?” Dan whispered.
“Hmmm?” Lou hummed.
“What’s up with you two?”
“I don’t know.” He sighed playing with my hair.
“Don’t do anything until you deal with Eleanor.” He warned.
“I know.” Lou sighed again. “I’m so fucking confused.”
“You’ll figure it out. You got the rest of your life for that.” Dan laughed.
“But what if I want to be with Teddy, but I stay with El?” He asked as I stopped breathing.
“Like I said, you’ll figure it out.”
I know for a fact I fell asleep downstairs, on the couch and on Lou. So why the frick am I so comfortable?
Why I am asking is because I don’t want to open my eyes. I can tell its morning, because it’s bright out. Too bright.
Just do it, Teddy.
You’re such a pussy.
But hey, Lou looks cute when he sleeps.
Now let’s talk about our position; we’re sleeping facing each other, our legs are tangled and his arm is draped around my waist. The only time I woke up to this position is when I was dating my ex.
I really need to know how I feel about him before I go insane. But for now, I’ll just watch him sleep.
Creepy much?
Sigh. I’m turning into one of those people. I don’t want to be one of those people.
“Lou?” I whispered and watched him jerk a little. “Louis?”
“Mmmm uhh.” He moaned pushing me away.
“Wake up.” I giggled as he rolled onto his back and took me with him. “You’re an idiot.”
“Why are you waking me up?” He mumbled.
“I’m bored.” I giggled as he groaned.
“Five more minutes.”
“Fine.” I sighed laying my ear on his chest as I started to trace over his tattoos.
“That’s not helping.”
“Helping what?” I asked looking up at him, then moved my leg and hit… well uhm. “Louis!”
“I can’t help it!” He blushed.
“Oh my God.” I hid my face in his neck. Please just be morning wood, please just be morning wood. “Do you want me to get off you?” I asked looking up at him.
“You’re fine.” He blushed even more.
“I’m never looking at you the same ever again.” I giggled.
“This shit happens, I can’t help it.” He groaned, but I kept giggling. It’s quite funny. “Teddy?” He growled rolling us over, so he was hovering over me.
Well, that got me to shut up, and to stop breathing.
“Bear?” He whispered as he looked me in the eye.
You know when people say ‘fuck it. Do what you want’? Well, I’m doing just that. Shorter choice of wording, I kissed him. Like my life depended on it. I know I shouldn’t be doing this, but hell he’s a good kisser.
“Be… Bear?”
“Shh.” I shushed him as I hooked my legs around the back of his thighs and kissed him harder.
Let me just tell you, I have no fucking clue what I am doing. Like the part about kissing him. Teddy Parker is kissing Louis Tomlinson. Helllllp.
“Ted… Teddy…” He panted pulling away and looked me straight on. “Don’t raddle me up, then stop.”
“I’m not.” I whispered flipping us over and taking my shirt off. “Now before I do stop, please kiss me.”
“Teddy?” He frowned sitting up.
“Louis, think with your penis for once.” I pleaded wrapping my arms around his neck.
He shut up pretty quickly after that and flipped us back over and started to kiss my neck and work his way down my chest, stomach and to the tops of my shorts.
Are we really about to do this? Ohh, fuck there go my shorts, so yeah I think so.
“Teddy, I don’t want this to be a onetime thing.” He kissed his way up.
“Well now this isn’t a thing at all.” I sighed pushing him off me.
“Jesus Christ.” He growled laying back and covered his face.
“Yeah, blame him for you chickening out.” I laughed throwing my clothes back on and walked out of his room. “Good going, Teddy.” I whispered to myself throwing my head against the wall.
“Huh? Yeah? What?” I jumped and looked. “Oh, hey.”
“You okay?” Jay asked.
“Yeah, I’m fine.” I smiled.
“You sure?” She asked hooking our arms together and walked us down the stairs.
“Yeah.” I nodded.
“Alright.” She smiled patting my hand. “Breakfast?”
“Louis, are you okay?” Daisy asked as we all sat down for breakfast.
“Yeah.” He nodded chewing on a piece of bacon. I don’t think she convinced her though, or the whole room to be exact, because everyone keeps looking between the two of us.
If we played poker, we’d be fucked.
“Alright, what is up with the two of you?” Lottie asked throwing her fork down onto the table and stared at us.
“Nothing.” I laughed. “Maybe he woke up on the wrong side of the bed or something.”
“Yeah, something like that.” Lou snorted.
“Well, I’m finished.” I smiled. “Do you want help with the dishes?”
“Why do you even ask if you already know the answer?” Jay smirked. “No you cannot help.”
“I can help, it’s not a problem.”
“Bear, you don’t have to help.” Lou whispered.
“Teddy, can I do your nails?” Daisy asked excitedly.
“Eh, why not?” I shrugged looking at my nails. “They’re chipping anyways.”
“Yay!” She smiled jumping up and grabbing my hand. “Let’s go, let’s go!”
“I’m coming, don’t rip my arm off.” I giggled getting out of my seat and was drug by the little twiny twin. Ha! ‘Twiny twin.’ I’m funny. “Thank you for breakfast, Jay.”
“Anytime, Poppet.” She smiled before she disappeared from my sight.
“What colour, design, animal, person do you want?” Daisy asked setting out her nail kits.
“What?” I laughed.
“Pick a colour, like blue or a design, like zebra strips or an animal, like a zebra or a person, like Louis.” She smiled. “Anything.”
“Can you do minions?” I asked with a huge smile.
“Ha, can I do minions?” She laughed and grabbed my hand.
Did I say something funny?


so another chapter, yay me.
but yeah, hiiii.
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AAAHHHHH I love itttttt I can't wait to see what you come up with next!! Asss always you produce the most well written chapters and I'm so in love with this book.. oh did I say in love? I meant obsessed

LyssaMarie2447 LyssaMarie2447

Omg I literaly got an email from the website that you updated! Gonna read the story from the beginning now :) Thanks for making my empty 1D heart a little less empty!

OutofStyles OutofStyles

Still here babe!! Not on the site actively but I will come back to support and love on you!!! Muah!!and yassssssssss Louis new single is everything. I fell in love.

Mixedthoughtz Mixedthoughtz

I'll literally always be here lol this is my number 1 favourite story!!! I even recommended it to many of my friends and a few of them don't even like 1D but they absolutely love the story :) And call me a very hopeful optimist but there is a big part of me that believes we will have either one more tour or another album in a few years' time. But until then, this story holds me together

Much Love ~Liz <3

LyssaMarie2447 LyssaMarie2447


I'm trying to. I promise. I just changed everything around and got a new and better PC, so I'm hoping. I'm still in love with this story and Louis (even if he's back with Eleanor). I've been rereading this lately and it's such a good story line and I want to finish it for people that are still around, but I feel like I lost a lot and with them not even being a band anymore, but I promise I'm trying. hopefully around next week I'll sit my ass down and get to work.
But thank you for still being here. you're the fricken best.

luckylo luckylo