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When You Let Your Heart Win

Chapter 65

Louis never called that night. He didn’t call the night after that or the night after that. I didn’t even get the ‘goodnight text’s anymore, and it’s drove me beyond past mad.
After the talk with me mum, I was ready to tell him I was ready to work on us and for him to come get me so we could do it in our home, but no. He never called. And I’m being the stubborn person that I am and not texting or calling him myself. He put us in this particular position, he needs to fix it and show me he really wants to be with me and right now, he’s not showing me that. And it’s killing me because of what’s been going on the past two days.
Me mum noticed I’ve gained some weight throughout the time I’ve been here and that’s actually saying a lot, because I’ve barely been eating. The only time I actually eat is whenever I’m forced to or whenever I’m in an extreme depressed mood and sneak downstairs and grab all the chocolate my mum stashed in the pantry, but last night, my dad came home with a bag from the market and threw it at me. I didn’t know what was going on until I looked in the bag and saw two pregnancy test boxes.
At first, I laughed at them, because I’d know if I was pregnant or not and besides, I’ve had my period recently, so there’s no way I could be pregnant. But that didn’t mean anything to my parents. They practically forced me into the toilet and made me piss on the stick. And shockingly, it came out positive.
Now with everything going cold with Louis again, I’m not too thrilled about this and my father is pushing me to call him and tell him that I have a doctors appointment tomorrow morning to get official results and that he should be there just in case I am pregnant or tell him I took a test and it came back as a false positive. Even if the test came out negative, my father would’ve pushed me to call him and tell him there was a possibility I was pregnant. These past few days have been mental.
“Teddy, call him and tell him about the appointment.” My father demanded.
“I don’t want to talk to him.” I shook my head. Did I mention that not speaking to Louis in three days has totally put me back at odds with him? My emotions are going mad right now. One second I want him, the next I don’t and this is the time where I want nothing to do with him. And my parents aren’t letting me do that. They’re never on my side. It’s aggravating.
“It doesn’t matter. If you’re pregnant, he deserves to be the first one to know.” He fought and handed me the land line. “Call him and tell him to get here.”
“Why are you forcing me to do this? You don’t like Louis.”
“I do like him, babe.” He sighed. “I don’t like that you changed whenever you moved to London and I don’t like that he let you believe you were married for as long as he did or that you two have a… sex tape out on the internet now, but he loves you. We’ve known that for years and he takes care of you. You two have my blessing. You always have.”
“Well at the moment that doesn’t mean anything.” I whispered. “We broke up.”
“Only because you’re a stubborn person.” He laughed. “You got that from me. Embrace it. It’s a lovely thing.”
“I’m glad you think this is a hilarious joke, dad.” I nodded. “Thanks for your support.”
“I give you two another week before you’re back in London.” He continued to laugh. “If that.”
“Mhmm.” I rolled my eyes.
“Call him.” He pointed at me. “Do it or you’re grounded.”
“I’m 21.” I snorted. “You’re a little too late to ground me.”
Do it.”
“Jesus, alright, alright.” I looked at him like he was mad and dialed the number I didn’t really want to dial.
“Hello?” Now is not the time to be a mute, Teddy. “Ba… Teddy, is that you?” He whispered into the mouth piece.
“Ye-yeah.” I nodded. Oh God. I’ve turned into that kind of person. Nodding while on the phone where the other person can’t see you. Fuck.
“Are you okay?” He asked quickly. “Babe, I’m sorry I haven’t called. I’ve bee...”
“I’m fine. Please stop talking.” I cut him off.
“Sorry.” He whispered.
“There’s actually a reason I called…” I trailed and looked at my dad. He just nodded for me to continue and I just couldn’t.
“Bear, you still there?” He asked snapping me out of my stare down with my dad.
“Yeah, sorry.” I apologised, then took a deep breath. “Is there any way you could come here tomorrow?”
“To pick you up?” He asked like he was more alert. “Yeah, I’ll be up a…”
“It’s not like that.” I cut him off.
“Oh.” He whispered.
“It’s fine. Why do I need to be up there?” He asked in a slight bitter/hurt tone. Super. “Is your dad finally going to ring my neck?”
“No.” I laughed glancing up at my dad. “I just have a doctors appointment tomorrow and…”
“You’re pregnant?”
“I think.” I whispered.
“Really?” I wish I could see his face.
“Me mum thinks.” I shrugged. Fuck, Teddy, stop it. “But then I’m starting to think I am as well.”
“Why are you starting to think you are?”
“Probably because I took a test last night and it came out positive.” I whispered and waited for him to say something. And it finally came about two minutes after I told him that.
“Are you okay with this?” He asked. “Like if you really are?”
“I can’t do anything about it if I am.” I whispered and looked up as my dad got to his feet and pointed towards his study. Basically telling me he’s going to let me talk to Louis alone.
“I…” He sighed, probably rubbing his face and running his hand through his hair. “El will have to come along. I can’t leave her here alone.”
“She moved back in the night I saw you last.”
“Oh.” I growled slightly.
“Babe… Teddy, I’m sorry. The doctor put her on bed rest and Lani is at Uni most of the day and I’ve been home all day, so I let her move back in until Shay gets here.”
“You don’t have to explain.” I whispered looking down at my fingers.
“What time do I need to be there?” He asked after another minute or two of silence.
“By ten.” I replied. “Sorry that it’s early. It’s the only opening they had.”
“No, no. It’s fine.” He rushed. “We’ll get there around 9.”
“Someone has to drag you out of bed.” He teased.
“I’m not that bad.” I huffed.
“That’s right. You’re terrible.”
“Now’s not the time to be stubborn.”
“Cuddle.” I mumbled slapping around to find a hand.
“You need to get up, babe.”
“Five minutes.” I whispered. “Just five.”
“You’re only getting five minutes then you’re getting up.”
“Yes, mum.” I smiled moving over to give him room. The second he laid down, it was like we were magnets. I was in his side faster than a blink of an eye.
“Are you going to look at me or are you going to keep me thinking you’re still asleep?”
“I’m awake.” I finally opened my eyes and looked up at him.
“Mornin’, bear.” He smiled leaning slightly to kiss my forehead. As his lips touched my skin, my eyes closed again and my heart fluttered. I miss him so much.
“Mornin’, boo.” I smiled leaning into him some more.
“Why don’t you just lay on me?” He laughed.
“Because I know for a fact I will not get up.”
“Why’s that?”
“Because it’s been too long.” I mumbled quietly.
“What?” He asked. “I didn’t catch that.”
“You know exactly what I said.” I huffed and closed my eyes again.
“Doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear it again.” He chuckled and kissed my forehead again.
“Why haven’t you called?” I whispered.
“I’ve been preoccupied.”
“And haven’t texted me?” I asked looking up at him.
“I…” He stopped and looked at me. “I don’t know.” He sighed heavily. “I know that’s a real shit excuse and I’m probably making you think like I’m giving up, but I’m not. I just… we were told Shay could be here the beginning of next month, and I’ve been dealing with that.”
“Okay.” I whispered reaching my hand up to his eyebrow and traced it. “Thank you for coming.”
“You think I wouldn’t?” He looked at me with a confused expression.
“It was so last minute.” I shrugged. “You could’ve had plans.
“Yeah, I totally had a packed schedule.” He laughed. “I’ve been busy and all. Like so many interviews and gigs. Man, I’m surprised I’m here too.”
“Alright, let’s not be an arse.” I laughed hitting him.
“Haven’t you figured it out yet?” He asked softly after our laughter died down.
“Figured out what?”
“You call, I drop everything and run to you.” He smiled. “I did that back in August, what’s the difference now?”
“Sounds like you love me.”
“Like fucking mad.” He responded quickly with the sort of tone he meant it. It’s refreshing to hear. Lately it’s just been my thoughts telling me he doesn’t want me anymore and that he wants to be with Eleanor again because it’s so close to Shayla’s birth, but hearing how he said it, it made me have so much hope. “What are you thinking?” He whispered rubbing my back.
“Right now?”
“No, two hours from now.” He laughed. “Yes now.”
“If I should kiss you or not.”
“Is that so?” He smiled.
“I was just reminded that you love me, so yeah, I want to kiss you. When someone loves someone and they haven’t kissed in a while, they tend to want to kiss the other person.”
“Then do it.” He whispered rolling onto his side and faced me, our bodies touching like we were siamese twins.
“Maybe you should.” I smiled. “It’s been a while. I think I forgot how to.”
“If you push me away, I’m going to rip you a new one.” He warned.
“Is that a treat or a promise?” I asked, which made him groan and to roll back onto his back. “What?”
“You’re evil.” He shook his head.
“Are you going to kiss me or should I get up and get ready?” I laughed.
“I’m a little scared, to be honest.” He laughed rolling back to his side and looked at me.
“Because I can never just kiss you.”
“Oh.” I frowned. “Then maybe you shouldn’t.”
“Fuck that, you’re giving me the okay.” He snorted and pulled me on top of him.
“I miss you.” I whispered looking down at him.
“I miss you just as much, if not more.”
“That’s debatable.” I shook my head and glanced down at his lips. I haven’t touched those in three days but it feels like ages. It’s almost like I’m obsessed with him. I’m a sad person. As he leaned up slightly and felt his breath hit me, I closed my eyes and tried to fight off a smile from what that made me feel. His oxygen is like my own. Fuck, I am obsessed with him.
“You’ve gotta be kidding me.” I whispered snapping my head back some and looked towards the door. “You ruin my life!”
“You have to get up!”
“I am up!”
“Then get a move on!”
“I am so mad at you!” I yelled back.
“What you two are doing is what put us in this position!”
“We’re not having sex!” I scoffed sitting up.
“If you don’t get off me, yes we are.” Louis warned leaning up on his elbows and smirked at me. But I didn’t want to move, I just stared at him. And then I like being this close to him again. It feels right. I feel normal again. My bones are aching and my heart feels like it could break from how fast it’s beating. I love this idiot.
“I love you.” I blurted out and quickly slapped a hand over my mouth.
“Why’d you do that?” He frowned. “You are allowed to say that to me.”
“I… I don’t know.” I shrugged. “I do stupid things when I’m around you.”
“Ditto.” He smiled sitting up and leaned into kiss me again.
“Teddy Nichole Parker, get your bum in the shower right now, before I come up there and drag Louis out by his ears!”
“I fucking hate her.” I growled throwing my forehead against his shoulder while he laughed and wrapped his arms around me.
“She either really hates me or she wants you to be on time for once.”
“She actually hates me.” I nodded. “I know it.”
“That’s impossible. Nobody can hate you. Whoever does is stupid.”


before i get to talking about the chapter, i want to do something fun
fun on my end, probably not so much on yours
but on onedirectionfanfiction.com, they do challenges or whatever, and i'm in the mood to do a little something
so last night i came up with an idea (for an upcoming chapter) and i googled the shit out of it
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so whoever is the first one to message me why this story is their favorite/why they like it so much
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i want everything to stay a surprise
so don't fuck it up for yourself and everyone else

chapter time
what do you think?
do you think Teddy's stupid?
do you think Louis' stupid?
are you starting to like me again?
are you starting to like Louis again?
do you think Teddy should give in and just be with him?
if your answer is yes, why?
if it's no, why?
what do you think's going to happen?
^ i sound like a broken record xP
byeeeeeeeeee xxx

ps. this story is getting a banner in like a week or so :D
i'm excited for it
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i'm going to go throw coffee in my face now
it was nice knowing you all


AAAHHHHH I love itttttt I can't wait to see what you come up with next!! Asss always you produce the most well written chapters and I'm so in love with this book.. oh did I say in love? I meant obsessed

LyssaMarie2447 LyssaMarie2447

Omg I literaly got an email from the website that you updated! Gonna read the story from the beginning now :) Thanks for making my empty 1D heart a little less empty!

OutofStyles OutofStyles

Still here babe!! Not on the site actively but I will come back to support and love on you!!! Muah!!and yassssssssss Louis new single is everything. I fell in love.

Mixedthoughtz Mixedthoughtz

I'll literally always be here lol this is my number 1 favourite story!!! I even recommended it to many of my friends and a few of them don't even like 1D but they absolutely love the story :) And call me a very hopeful optimist but there is a big part of me that believes we will have either one more tour or another album in a few years' time. But until then, this story holds me together

Much Love ~Liz <3

LyssaMarie2447 LyssaMarie2447


I'm trying to. I promise. I just changed everything around and got a new and better PC, so I'm hoping. I'm still in love with this story and Louis (even if he's back with Eleanor). I've been rereading this lately and it's such a good story line and I want to finish it for people that are still around, but I feel like I lost a lot and with them not even being a band anymore, but I promise I'm trying. hopefully around next week I'll sit my ass down and get to work.
But thank you for still being here. you're the fricken best.

luckylo luckylo