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When You Let Your Heart Win

Chapter 5

"C'mon, we gotta go."
"Why are you so difficult?"
"Why are you so annoying?"
"Wake up!"
"I will drag you out of bed."
"Go ahead."
"Louis, go away!"
"Want me to carry you?" He sighed.
"You read my mind." I smiled; eyes still closed and raised my arms.
"Such a child." He tsked as he picked me up.
"And what are you?" I asked snuggling into his chest.
“A slightly older child.” He laughed. “Do you have pants?”
“Somewhere, yeah.” I nodded.
“Let’s hope there’s not any paparazzi outside.” He sighed.
“Ah!” I flinched sitting up. “Put me down!”
“Why?” He laughed.
“I don’t want my arse all over magazines!” I wiggled.
“Alright, alright.” He laughed putting me down.
“Uh, pants.” I pouted.
“Just put something on already.” He laughed grabbing my suitcase and walked out.
“Easier said than done.” I sighed. I hate pants. I’ve been told I have nice legs, so they like to be out. But yeah, I grabbed whatever pair I saw first and threw them on and ran out to the car.

@TeddyNichole: Off to Doncasterrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :)

May the three hour drive to Doncaster start.
“I’m hungry.”
“You’re always hungry.” Lou laughed.
“Not uhhh!” I yelled.
“Oh fuck it, I’m always hungry.” I sighed giving up on defending myself. That happens quite a lot. “Do you know what we’re having for lunch?”
“No.” He shook his head with a smile.
“What good are you then?” I giggled looking out my window. “I miss this place.”
“Me too.” Lou agreed.
“I think whenever I get married…”
“Shut up!” I slapped him. “When I get married, I want to move back here. Raise my family here.”
“You should do that, I am.” He smiled.
“Doncaster is too small for Eleanor’s ego, you may wanna move to LA or Miami.” I snorted.
“I may not marry Eleanor.” He shrugged.
“Oh. My. God!” I laughed.
“I’m 21, Bear. Marriage is far from my mind.” He explained.
“Let’s keep it that way.” I laughed.
“Who do you think you’re going to marry?” He asked after a minute or two of silence.
“Olly Murs.” I replied quickly.
“Really?” He laughed.
“He’s yummy.” I smiled wiggling my eyebrows.
“He’s almost ten years older than you.” He said as he continued to laugh.
“Age is just a number.” I shrugged. “He’s a sweetheart.”
“But old.”
“I have nothing to be jealous of. I have you in my life, he doesn’t.” He winked.
“If you introduce me to him, I can be in his life pretty quick.” I smiled.
“Never.” He shook his head.
“Why not?!” I whined.
“You’re mine.” He smiled. And before I could ask him to elaborate, “We’re here!”
What an arsehole.
“I swear Jay; you’re cooking just keeps getting better and better.” I smiled rubbing my stomach.
“Why thank you, Teddy.” She smiled picking up our empty plates.
“Do you want me to help?” I offered.
“Don’t be silly.” She laughed. “Go out in the living room, I’m sure the girls want to talk your ear off.”
“Bear, don’t fight with her.” Lou laughed gesturing for me to get up.
“I swear, you Tomlinson’s are tough.” I shook my head and got up.
“Hint: Tomlinson.” Lou smirked. “We’re bad arse.”
“Yeah, sure you are.” I giggled and ran for the living room before Louis could attack me.
“Teddy!” Daisy and Phoebe waved from the floor.
“Hey, girls.” I smiled sitting down with them. “Whatcha doin’?”
“Colouring.” Daisy smiled.
“Can I colour with you?” I asked.
“Sure.” She smiled handing me a book and some crayons as I turned to lie on my stomach and started to colour.
“Oh this isn’t surprising.” Louis laughed walking in with Jay, Fizzy and Lottie.
“C’mon Lou, who am I?” I giggled as I started to colour in Simba from The Lion King.
“She is a child at heart Lou.” Fizz smiled.
“Who does that remind you of?” Lottie laughed.
“I am not a child.” Lou pouted.
“Mhmm, keep telling yourself that.” I said not looking up for my colouring. “Did… did you just throw a pillow at me?” I asked as I got hit in the side.
“Lottie why’d you do that?!” Lou scoffed. “That was rude.”
“Yeah, blame it on me.” She laughed. “That immature act has Louis written all over it.”
“Hahahahhaha!” I laughed looking up at him.
“You can walk home.” He stuck his tongue out.
“Like you’ll let that happen.” I snorted moving the pillow he threw at me, under my stomach. “Thanks for that.” I gestured to the pillow. “I’m more comfortable now. Thanks for caring about me.”
“You two bicker like a married couple.” Jay shook her head as she sat down.
“HA!” I laughed. “Like that’ll ever happen.”
“I’d love you to be my daughter-in-law.”
“Do you have to go, Teddy?” Phoebe asked clinging to my leg.
“Yeah, do you? We were having fun colouring!” Daisy asked clinging to my other leg.
“Sorry, babes, I do. My parents are waiting for me.” I frowned. “I’ll be back tomorrow most likely. Louis here can’t stay away from me.”
“Ha!” He snorted.
“Shut it, you know it’s true.” I smiled.
“Mhmm.” He rolled his eyes. “Okay, girls, let go of Bear. I know she’s pretty and fun, but she’s gotta go.”
“Awww.” They’re just too cute.
“I’ll be back, I promise.” I smiled kneeling down and held up my pinkies.
“Tomorrow?” They smiled latching their pinkies to mine.
“Tomorrow whenever big brother gets his lazy bum out of bed.” I giggled and hugged them.
“You heard her Louis, you’re getting her whenever you get your lazy bum out of bed.” Lottie giggled.
“That’ll be like mid-day.” He shrugged.
“Like they’ll let you sleep in that long.” Jay laughed as the twins ran into the living room again. “It was good seeing ya, poppet. Looks like I’ll be seeing you tomorrow.”
“Bright and early.” I smiled hugging her. “Tell Dan, sorry I missed him and I’ll see him tomorrow.”
“Will do.” She smiled pulling back. “He’ll be jealous he couldn’t see you right away, but you’ll have to make up for that tomorrow.”
“Haha, okay.” I giggled and turned to Lottie and Fizz. “Well girls, wanna go to the mall tomorrow?”
“Can we mum?” Fizz asked.
“Sure, why not.” She shrugged.
“On Louis’ account?” Lottie asked with a wink thrown at me.
“Who else would pay? The Queen?” I giggled.
“But he is the Queen…” Lottie joked.
“Alright!” Lou huffed. “I am standing right here!”
“Stop being a drama queen.” I giggled hugging Lottie and Fizzy. “I’ll see you tomorrow, raise a lot of hell will ya?”
“Louis’ home, of course we will be.” Fizz smiled.
“You turned my sisters evil!” Lou gasped. “Mum, hide Daisy and Phoebe!”
“If I need to hide them from anyone, it’s you.” She teased, making Lou gasp at his mother.
“And to think you gave birth to me.” He mocked hurt.
“Before he starts the water works, I’ll see you all tomorrow.” I giggled punching Lou and walked out the front door.
“Bye, love.” Jay called. “Safe travels.”
“With grandma here, of course.”
“Now you’re making fun of my driving?” Lou yelled. “I cannot please you with anything!”
“Oh don’t cry.” I giggled hugging him as we walked towards his car.
“You hurt my feelings.” He pouted as he wrapped an arm around my waist. “They love you.”
“They’ve always loved me.” I smiled as he opened my door.
“Cocky much?”
“How long have you known me?” I laughed.
“Far too long.”
“Mum? Dad?” I called as I walked in the door.
“Teddy, is that you?” My mum asked.
“No, it’s your other daughter.” I joked.
“Ha ha, very funny." She smiled. "Why didn't you tell me you were coming home?"
"Lou thought of it the other day, so here we are." I smiled hugging her. "Uh, I miss you."
"I miss you too, sweetie." She hugged me a little tighter.
"Where's dad?" I asked whenever we pulled away.
"At the shop, where else?" She rolled her eyes. "Louis, how are ya?"
"I'm great, Mrs. Parker." Lou smiled leaning into hug and kiss her cheek.
"Boy, how many times do I have to tell you to call me Jenny?" She huffed.
"Old habits?" Lou shrugged.
"A celebrity with manners, who'd thought?" She smiled.
"Ha!" I snorted. "This bloke with manners? Ha ha ha ha ha!"
"Ignore her." My mum seriously just said that.
"I do. More than you know." Lou smiled at me as he followed my mum into the living room.
"Teddy, come in here, will you?" Mum called. "Stop being dramatic."
"Oh I wonder who I got that from." I mumbled to myself as I slouched into the living room.
My mum and dad have always been fond of Louis. Like can you blame him? He's a nice lad, doesn't smoke or do any drugs, he has a job, his own car, his own house, plus he's taking care of me. My parents love him. They may love him more than me... Nahhhh, they couldn't.
"So Louis, how's Eleanor?"
"Ew. Mum, why talk about her?" I gagged.
"Because she's lovely."
"You've met her once and she was totally kissing your arse to get a rise out of me." I rolled my eyes plopping down on the couch opposite of the chattering pair.
"She was still lovely." She said before going back to Louis, who was looking at me with a worried look. Erm, why?
"She was still kissing arse." I spat.
Why is Eleanor Calder such a star in so many people's eyes? Get to know her, you'll change your outlook on her quickly.
"Bear, I'll call or text you tomorrow when I'm about to come get you." Lou leaned in and kissed my cheek as we got to the door.
"Kidnapping my daughter, I see." My dad laughed.
"Always do." He smiled looking at me as I rolled my eyes.
"More like I'm kidnapping Lottie and Fizzy, he's just my ride." I giggled as he jabbed my side.
"When will you two date?" My mum asked watching us.
"Whenever hell freezes over." I laughed.
"When will you two see it?" She shook her head, before leaning up to kiss Louis' cheek. "See you later, Lou. Don't be a stranger while you two are here."
"Absolutely." He smiled kissing her cheek as well.
What'd I say, they love him.
"Drive home safe." My dad bro hugged him. "Tell Dan we should go golfing here sometime."
"Sure thing." He smiled then looked at me.
"I'll walk him out." I sighed as my mum smiled. She's so creepy.
"Bye, Lou."
"Bye. It was nice seeing you again." He smiled walking out.
"And you said your family loves me." I smiled walking towards his car.
"I'm a loveable person." He smiled.
"Or an idiot." I teased.
"An idiot that millions love." He smiled poking me.
"Okay, enough with the freaking poking!" I jumped away.
"Okay, okay." He smiled. "This is going to be weird."
"What will be?"
"Not waking up with you being in the house." He replied looking down at his feet.
"It will be, huh?" I smiled. "But don't worry! You'll see me whenever Daisy and Phoebe drag you out of bed."
"I know, but still, it'll be different." He shrugged.
"Oh, get over it!" I giggled hugging him.
"Maybe I should spend the night?" He laughed hugging me back.
"My father would totally approve of that." I laughed sarcastically.
"Your mum would." He smiled hugging me tighter.
"You're acting like you're leaving for tour." I frowned.
"Let's not talk about tour." He sighed kissing the top of my head.
"It's coming up, Boo." Wow, this actually hurts.
"Bear, stop." He groaned as he slumped some.
"Sorry." I smiled a small smile as I put my chin on his chest and looked up at him.
"I should get going." He mumbled.
"Mhmm, you should." I agreed, not moving.
"Jesus, this does feel like I'm leaving for tour." He said creasing his eyebrow.
"Go." I pushed at him. "Before I actually cry and think you are going on tour"
"Night, Bear." He smiled kissing my forehead for a good five seconds.
"Night, Boo." I giggled.
"I'll see you tomorrow." He smiled bigger as he started to walk backwards.
"Bright and early." I smiled.
"I doubt that." He laughed. "I'll have to drag you out of bed."
"I may surprise you one day." I laughed.
"You do every day." He shrugged opening his door.
"Will you leave already?" I giggled.
"Okay, okay!" He shook his head. "I'm going now."
"Night." I waved.
"Night." He smiled and got in and drove off.
"You love him." My mum sang from the front porch.
"How long have you been there?" I asked looking at her.
"Long enough to know you love him just as much as he loves you." She smiled.
"He's my best..."
"Friend, mate, whatever you call him, it's not what you really want to call him." She motioned for me to come in. "Come on, let's make dinner."
Louis' POV

"Lou, what are you going to do tomorrow?" Mum asked as we all were gathered around the TV. Lottie texting, most likely Martin, Fizz watching whatever is on the telly, the twins about to pass out beside me and mum and Dan sipping at their tea as we held small talk.
"I might call Stan." I shrugged. "Bear is stealing Lottie and Fizzy, so I can't hang out with them, you told me the twins have dance and you're taking them, so I can't hang out with any of you, Dan has to work, so I'll just call Stan."
"Go to the mall with the girls." Mum pushed. "I'm sure they won't mind."
"I don't want fans to ruin their day, so I'll just call Stan and bug him." I smiled softly.
"Louis, just..." And she was cut off by the doorbell. "Who in God's name could that be at this hour?"
"Don't ask me, I don't live here anymore." I teased.
"You do too." She huffed getting to her feet and walking towards the door.
"Have you told Teddy yet?" Dan asked. I do believe Lottie and Fizzy are now listening.
"Told her what?" I asked moving my eyes to the ease droppers to tell him to shut his trap.
"Tour." He went with it. "Are you going to tell her you're taking her?"
"I don't know." I shrugged. This isn't much of a lie. I am thinking about taking Bear with me. "I don't know how she'll like moving from country to country."
"Teddy?" Mum asked.
"What?" I asked sitting up and turning my head towards the hallway.
"Louis, come here!" Mum yelled. Let's just say I ran.
"Wha..." I stopped when I saw a crying, soaked Teddy at the front door. Suitcase and all. "What happened?" I asked pushing passed my mum and brought her into a bone crushing hug.
What the hell happened?


ohhhh snap!
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AAAHHHHH I love itttttt I can't wait to see what you come up with next!! Asss always you produce the most well written chapters and I'm so in love with this book.. oh did I say in love? I meant obsessed

LyssaMarie2447 LyssaMarie2447

Omg I literaly got an email from the website that you updated! Gonna read the story from the beginning now :) Thanks for making my empty 1D heart a little less empty!

OutofStyles OutofStyles

Still here babe!! Not on the site actively but I will come back to support and love on you!!! Muah!!and yassssssssss Louis new single is everything. I fell in love.

Mixedthoughtz Mixedthoughtz

I'll literally always be here lol this is my number 1 favourite story!!! I even recommended it to many of my friends and a few of them don't even like 1D but they absolutely love the story :) And call me a very hopeful optimist but there is a big part of me that believes we will have either one more tour or another album in a few years' time. But until then, this story holds me together

Much Love ~Liz <3

LyssaMarie2447 LyssaMarie2447


I'm trying to. I promise. I just changed everything around and got a new and better PC, so I'm hoping. I'm still in love with this story and Louis (even if he's back with Eleanor). I've been rereading this lately and it's such a good story line and I want to finish it for people that are still around, but I feel like I lost a lot and with them not even being a band anymore, but I promise I'm trying. hopefully around next week I'll sit my ass down and get to work.
But thank you for still being here. you're the fricken best.

luckylo luckylo