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When You Let Your Heart Win

Chapter 33

Louis' POV

"@Louis_Tomlinson: whoever did this to Bear and I find out, I'll fucking kill you"

Let management get pissed and force me to delete that, which I won't, I don't care anymore.
Today has been complete torture. Nobody, not even my worst enemy, should have to go through this. No wonder girls are afraid of men. They don't get what they want then the first thing they do is take advantage of the first girl they see. I don't get how a man could live with their self after doing such a horrid thing.
But I need to stop thinking about it. Teddy is, in a certain context, okay. She has battle scars and the memory of what happened but in time, she'll get over it. She will. I'll help her. I'll be here for her every step of the way. She won't do this on her own. Not even if she wants too.
But the same thing keeps running through my head, who forces themselves on a girl? A pansy, pussy arse, bitch that can't and won't get a girl.
So after I got home, I talked to Bear, ate, talked to Bear some more, then mum left. One because I told her to go and two because I know she needs to get back to Doncaster and take care of the girls and Dan.
I don't know how I'm going to be able to handle this.
"Did you eat enough?" I whispered pushing her hair out of her face as her head was on my lap. A night by the fire is way over due.
"For the tenth time, yes." She sighed.
"Babe, mum said you didn't eat since.. since this happened."
"I'm okay." She whispered.
"Babe, hate me all you want, but no you're not." This is killing me.
"I just need you here and I'll be fine." She continued in a whisper and grabbed my hand and brought it to her lips.
After that, it was quite until my phone started to ring from the kitchen. Most likely the boys wanting to know what's going on. It's been a good 12 hours since they've heard anything from us, so I guess I should tell them. Something.
"Sorry." I whispered and lent down to kiss her hair, motioning for her to get up. "I'll be two seconds.
"I'll be here." She faintly smiled, which made me kiss her softly. "Go." She giggled. Score. "Go! Before they hang up."
"Alright, alright, alright." I smiled, an actual smile in the past 24 hours and ran to get my phone. "Hello?"
"How's Teddy?!"
"Is she okay?"
"What motherfucker did this to my Teddy Ted Ted." That last one was Nialler. It's nice to know how strongly he feels about her. Hell it's nice to know how strongly they all feel about her.
"She's okay as she can be at the moment." I answered the main question as I sat back down beside her and her head ended up on my lap again.
"That's good." Liam's voice said. "What about the person who did this?"
"Babe, can I tell them?" I whispered down to her.
"They'll find out sooner or later." She shrugged moving, slowly, onto her back and looked up at me.
"Guys..." I sighed looking at her and pushed her hair back. "It was two... men. Not just one low fucking life." I growled into the phone then felt Teddy kiss my stomach and I relaxed. She makes everything better.
"Are you fucking serious?!" Harry yelled.
"Harry!" Lou yelled whenever Lux started to cry in the background.
"Sorry." He whispered.
"So these two wankers, who are they?" Zayn asked.
"She doesn't know." I sighed. "She can't remember what they look like. If you look at it that way, it's good, but whenever I convince her to go report it, not so much."
"She hasn't reported it yet?" Liam asked like he was legitly surprised.
"Like I said, she doesn't remember the fuckers." I smiled as she giggled slightly and pulled my left hand into hers and started to play with my fingers.
"How are you going to get her into the station?" Niall asked. "We all know how stubborn she is."
"I'm not letting someone get away with this." I replied getting a little angry, then relaxed when Bear kissed my knuckles. Seriously, she relaxes me and makes everything better.
"What about the tour?" Harry whispered.
"Not until I know she's fine." I answered. "Please understand that."
"No mate, we do." Liam assured. "It's just management sure as hell didn't like the fact you missed tonight's gig."
"They should try to find a heart." I huffed and once again, Bear kissed my hand and I sighed. "Boys it's late. Go to bed."
"We want to talk to Teddy." Harry frowned. I don't have to be in the same country to know that. He's not my best friend for nothing.
"She's about to pass out." I laughed quietly. "I'll have her call you whenever."
"Alright mate."
"Tell her we love her."
"And we miss her."
"And whenever I see her gorgeous face I'm gonna kiss it."
"Back off, Irish." I playfully growled.
"In a brother/sister kiss." He laughed.
"Alright." I smiled. "We'll talk to you later."
"Bye." They all said then we ended the call. "Babe?"
"When was the last time you actually got a full nights rest?" I whispered leaning down and kissed her forehead.
"The last night you slept in that bed." She smiled.
"Ditto." I laughed softly. "Let's go to bed."
"It's too far." She whined which made me smile. There's my Teddy. She's coming back slowly.
Anyways, I lifted her head slightly and stood up before picking her up, as softly as I could, and walked us towards the bedroom.
"You're perfect." She mumbled kissing my collarbone.
"So are you." I smiled laying her down and covering her up. "I'm going to take a shower."
"No." She pouted looking up at me.
"I'll be ten minutes tops." I smiled leaning down and kissed her.
"I'm counting." She smiled pushing me away. "You got ten minutes."
"So pushy." I laughed getting up and walking towards the bathroom and did my business.
As I got out and got back to the bedroom, she was sleeping, so I quickly went to the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea. And the second I stepped foot into the kitchen, my phone dinged, telling me I had a new text.

From Hazz
Check twitter :)

So as I put the kettle on, I got on twitter and smiled.

"@Real_Liam_Payne: shout out to my 'baby' sister @TeddyNichole, you're the strongest and beautifulest girl I've ever met. I love you"

"@NiallOfficial: @TeddyNichole does this mean you get to come back with Louis and I get to see you?! I love youuuuuu!"

"@NiallOfficial: @TeddyNichole ps, I love you more than Liam ;)"

"@zaynmalik: however long it takes, Louis' where he needs to be. Teddy is one of his biggest priorities #respect"

"@littlemixoffic: @TeddyNichole this won't stop you. I'll help you through this as well as the whole world. I love you and I can't wait to see you -P xx"

"@5sos: to the crazy bird that holds Louis' heart, you're the strongest person we know. As well as everyone else we're here til the end"

"@JohannahDarling: @TeddyNichole I love you, Poppet. The girls and Dan love you as well. Keep your head up xxx"

Even though it's our family, it's nice to know she's got tough, supportive people behind her.

From Hazz
Check the trends as well :)


"@Louis_Tomlinson: thanks for the trends and messages guys. She'll appreciate every single one of them xxx"

After I tweeted that, the kettle went off, making me put my phone down and make my tea, but afterwards, I sat back at the breakfast bar and went through some of the trends to see what people are saying.

"Did she loose a baby? #PrayersForTeddy #WeLoveYouTeddy"

I guess I should explain to them that's not it.

"@Louis_Tomlinson: what's going on isn't Teddy having a miscarriage. It's far more than that. I hope someday I can explain more"

"She's not pregnant, so what's worst than that?"

"Either way, let her know we're here for her x"

"@Louis_Tomlinson: I love you all. Thank you. I'm sorry about tour. When things settle down, I'll be back and make it up to you Aussie fans. Night x"

Teddy's POV

"I'm not leaving her, mate." I woke up to Louis on the phone. Arguing with whoever it was. Over me. Super. "I honestly don't care about the tour right now. My girlfriend was just put through hell and I plan on being by her side through it all." Oh boy. "Whatever. Get on a plane and drag me back." He growled and walked back into the bedroom.
"You need to go back, babe." I whispered playing with the blanket as I sat there.
"I'm not leaving you." He shook his head and got back into bed and pulled me to his chest. "Sorry I woke you."
"It's okay." I smiled playing with his fingers.
"What time is your appointment?"
"One." I whispered.
"Everything will be fine." He assured kissing the top of my head.
"I'm going to drop out of Uni."
"If that's what you want to do, fine." He's actually agreeing with me. He's not going to rip my head off. Whoa.
"You're not going to fight me?" I asked looking up at him.
"No." He shook his head. "I can kidnap you then."
"Of course." I giggled laying back down.
"Why do you want to drop out anyways?" He asked flipping onto his stomach and looked at me.
"Because I'm now a week behind and the year just started. Plus, I don't want to be around that campus without you." I answered.
"That's understandable." He nodded. "Want me to call the Dean?"
"I can do it." I shook my head and turned onto my side and faced him. "Then we can go back to Australia."
"Whenever you want to go, we can go. I just want you comfortable."
"So you were sexually assaulted a little over a week ago?"
"Yes." I nodded as I laid back on the bed thingy with my heels in the sling and Louis holding my hand.
"Have you taken legal actions?"
"No." I shook my head. "I don't know what my attackers look like."
"You should still tell the police." My doctor encouraged. "You may feel a little pressure here."
"What good will they be?" I winced whenever she stuck whatever that was in me.
So yeah, we're checking if I'm pregnant and if got a STD or anything from those two monsters. Better safe than sorry right?
"Well love, I don't see anything. I'm happy to say you are not pregnant."
"Oh thank God." I smiled and squeezed Louis' hand who was being awfully quite.
"You can go ahead and sit up." She said throwing everything that she used away. "Now I need to take some blood for the STD check, so if you don't like needles..." She trailed as she brought out a syringe and my eyes squeezed tight and I heard Louis chuckle quietly.
"Ouch." I jumped whenever she poked through my vein and Louis' arm was wrapped around my waist quickly.
Uh, giving blood sucks.
"Very good, Miss Parker." My Doctor, who's name I don't know, shocking, said as she wrote on her clip board with my file of information and placed my blood on the top. Gross. "You may get dressed and we'll call you with you test results and if you do have a STD or anything, we'll schedule another appointment to get it cleared up."
"Alright, thank you so much." I smiled shaking her hand then Louis shook her hand as well before she left. "One down, one to go." I smiled bigger and jumped off the bed thing, then I looked at Louis and it quickly disappeared. "Why are you so quiet?"
"I never thought I'd be in here for this." He shrugged. "I thought I'd be in here for the doctor to tell you you're pregnant with my child or for our first ultrasound."
"Sorry." I whispered turning around and quickly dressing.
"This isn't your fault." He mumbled wrapping his arms around me from behind. "Stop apologising for something you couldn't prevent."
"Stop saying that then." I whispered shaking him off softly so I could continue getting dressed. "Let's go talk to the Dean and get this over with."
"Then we're going to the station."
"No we're not." I stopped in my tracks and looked at him.
"Yes we are." He looked me head on. "Telling them the little we know is better than nothing."
"Whatever." I rolled my eyes and walked out of the room.
"Hate me or not, but I'm not letting you sit back and be quite when the police actually might be able to catch the bastards."
"Okay." I whispered grabbing onto his arm before we got outside.
"Put your hood up." He sighed looking at me quickly then stopped us.
"Because your makeup is a little faded." He whispered as he traced my cheek with his thumb. "Please don't make me force you to go to the police."
"Okay." I whispered laying my forehead onto his chest.
"I love you, Bear." He whispered wrapping his arms around me.
"I love you." I mumbled kissing his chest.
"Let's go do this and get it over and done with."


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I wanted this up over six hours ago
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AAAHHHHH I love itttttt I can't wait to see what you come up with next!! Asss always you produce the most well written chapters and I'm so in love with this book.. oh did I say in love? I meant obsessed

LyssaMarie2447 LyssaMarie2447

Omg I literaly got an email from the website that you updated! Gonna read the story from the beginning now :) Thanks for making my empty 1D heart a little less empty!

OutofStyles OutofStyles

Still here babe!! Not on the site actively but I will come back to support and love on you!!! Muah!!and yassssssssss Louis new single is everything. I fell in love.

Mixedthoughtz Mixedthoughtz

I'll literally always be here lol this is my number 1 favourite story!!! I even recommended it to many of my friends and a few of them don't even like 1D but they absolutely love the story :) And call me a very hopeful optimist but there is a big part of me that believes we will have either one more tour or another album in a few years' time. But until then, this story holds me together

Much Love ~Liz <3

LyssaMarie2447 LyssaMarie2447


I'm trying to. I promise. I just changed everything around and got a new and better PC, so I'm hoping. I'm still in love with this story and Louis (even if he's back with Eleanor). I've been rereading this lately and it's such a good story line and I want to finish it for people that are still around, but I feel like I lost a lot and with them not even being a band anymore, but I promise I'm trying. hopefully around next week I'll sit my ass down and get to work.
But thank you for still being here. you're the fricken best.

luckylo luckylo