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Let it out (Larry Stylinson fanfic)

Let it out (Larry Stylinson fanfic)

Hey! Another Larry fic! :D I only upload my genderbend Fem!LouisxHarry: Payphone - so check that one out, I greatly appriciate it! <33 Enjoy!

Let it out

"Finally, all alone..." Louis sighed.
He closed the door to the hotel room behind him and leaned tiredly against it. But, not too tired to show his love and appreciation to his lover and best mate, Harry Styles.
"Come on, Louis, I’m waiting," Harry whined from across the room. The dark blue bath robe threatening peeling from his soft shoulders.
Louis had just arrived from management conference about their secret relationship. They had to play along with the bromance; trying not to hint it to the public, which they accidently do on occasions. They had to play along with the bromance, but, they did allow them to be together, as long as the paparazzi doesn’t follow them or manage to find out.
"I had an awful meeting," Louis said, coming toward Harry on the bed.
"Really?" Harry asked innocently, bringing his index finger between his teeth and biting lightly.
"Yeah..." Louis playfully raised his eyebrows at harry and he chuckled. "Though, it’s worth coming here to you."
Louis stood in front of Harry, the curly hair boy casually let his legs reveal from under the bath robe and reached a hand to Louis' suspenders.
"Let the frustration out, boobear."
Louis couldn’t resist a demand like that.
The older man pressed a rough kiss to harry as the younger started too slid off the suspenders and the striped shirt. Louis loved the feel of Harry’s hands search his toned upper body. He grabbed a fist full of Harry’s curls, wanting closer contact.
This action made harry moan loudly, he was such a hopeless kink-ster to Louis' hair pulling, and he never grabbed it like when the boys playfully did it.
As Louis gained more control over the kiss, he put his hand over Harry's exposed legs and hovered it up to his inner thigh. Harry’s lidded eyes flew open.
"Wait," He put his hand to Louis bare chest.
Louis looked questionably at him. Eyes clearly full of lust. "What?"
Footsteps got closer and than a knock. "Hey lads, what are you doing in there?!" Liam yelled from behind the door.
"Do you have any food here?" Niall asked. "Cause I’m starvin’, you wouldn’t let a member die, right?"
Louis and Harry looked at each other awkwardly; Harry laid his head against Louis shoulder, letting out a frustrated growl. Louis shook his head. When no answer was heard, Niall whined even more. Zayn interrupted and joined in.
"Vas happenin'?"
"Apparently, Larry Stylinson is playing out behind that door," Liam replied, sounding annoyed.
"And they don’t have a fridge!"
Louis and Harry listened to the weird conversation playing outside while continuing to be quiet. Harry broke the silence by growling between his clenched jaw. Sings of love making faded away into agony.
"How the fuck did they find us?"
"I have no clue, but all I know that it’s not gonna stop for awhile, Hazza."


Please write more its great!
Emzjbee Emzjbee
I wanted this to be a one-shot. But, I might add in very short fluffs in the future - you know, update it every now and then! So, their might be more, although itll just be short fluffy one shots :))
Thanks so much! <3
I love it!!!
Ima_nerd Ima_nerd
Please do more