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Payphone (Fem!LouisxHarry, AU!One-Shot)

Payphone (Fem!LouisxHarry fanfic)

Hello! :D This is my first One Direction fanfiction for this site!
I love One Direction and I like to genderbend them sometimes, this my first one I ever wrote that involved that. Louis Tomlinson is now: Louise Tomlinson!


If Harry did pick up Louise:

Louise has been out for nearly an hour, tired she leaned against the payphone box attached to the public wall. She sighed and she pulled her tangled hair to one side to tame it from the wind.
Restless, she dipped her hand into her jean pocket and grabbed some loose change and faced the phone box. A tear was threatening to shed from her eyes but she sniffled and blinked it back. She fed the phone box the right amount of coins and held the phone in her hand, while the other quickly pressed the numbers.
The brunette girl waited a couple rings until she heard a voice on the other end, she opened her mouth to say something but it was a mistake, all she heard was the answering machine.
Agitated, Louise slammed the phone back on its slit and returned to standing alone, watching the cars speed by. She hoped one of them could be him, coming like he had promised.
Some more time passed slowly and Louise decided to call 5 more times, he never answered. The tears ignited and burned her eyes. She moved her hair away from her face.
A honk was heard and Louise's head shot up to look. Harry was there in his car, signaling his girlfriend to come inside. Louise wiped her eyes, destroying any evidence that she was close to crying; though, she was a girl, it made her feel weak. Louise got inside and closed the door, she was preparing to adjust herself in when Harry pressed the car and it went speeding forward. Louise lay back in her seat and reached for the seat belt and snapped it on.
The complicated couple stayed silent for awhile, neither of them taking a glance at each other. Nothing had been going well for them, it only got worse.
The band that was created on the X-Factor was falling apart, and it was because of them.
The media has been their number one news coverage. They were the new hot topic on magazines articles. Apparently, it was only going to create more drama. The media was making rumors that they had heard from management and they were only theories that progressed into a dirty fact or fake problem. For example, Niall and Zayn have been in Harry’s pants, thus cheating on Louise .
The boys gave an argument to interviewers and tried to skip that sort of question. They've said to the media it was false and not true. Louise was the better actress to persuade the interviewers that none of this bullshit was true and always been false and made up: filthy rumors to make the band look horrible and lose fans.
There were also rumors that Louise had slept with the other guys and was caught kissing Liam. Louise remembered that day, Liam was helping her with a situation between her and Harry. He successfully helped her and she was only thanking him in private. And, she didn’t kiss him on the lips; the photographer was there to capture the moment to make it look like as if they were kissing. Louise clarified that to an upset Harry.
And again, rumors about Louise sleeping with the other boys than Harry. Like, Zayn or Niall. But ‘Lourry’ was more popular than ‘Zouise’ or ‘Nouise’.
It seems to click back into terrible memories. It only made the atmosphere of the car uncomfortable. Louise didn’t want to think back to those times, so she finally broke the ice.
“What are we now?” Louise asked. Her blue eyes trying not to make eye contact with Harry's green ones. “I mean, these things they say about us are going too far.”
“Of course,” Harry said. “I think I remember seeing a magazine that you were pregnant and didn’t know who the father was.”
Louise ’s heart cracked and it felt as it was hit in the chest with sharp pairs of needles.
“Oh my gosh,” Louise muttered between upcoming sobs. It was barely audible.
Harry didn’t react to Louise crying, he kept his eyes on the road. But, his grip on the wheel tightened.
“That bad? Fucking Christ, Hazza…”
Louise continued to cry and hiccup. Her head felt the sensation of like it was exploding and her eyes swelled of tears. Louise ’s mascara was running a little and bits of it rubbed on her damp fingers. Louise bit her slip to stop the hiccups.
“We can’t just continue this.”
“Then, what do you propose we do?” Harry snapped unintentionally.
Louise shook her head. “I don’t know…”
Again, they were quiet, when Harry parked on the side of the curb on a street they talked.
“There can only be one thing,” Harry leaned his body to face a miserable looking Louise Tomlinson. It only made his heart shallower.
Harry lost track of what he was explaining as he saw Louise ’s tear stained cheek. Then, he remembered what he accounted for and said it slowly, still somewhat distracted.
“We have to break up, you, me, and the whole band. We just can’t continue this any longer. It’s hurting us all.”
Louise thought she was prepared to hear those words, she was wrong about that. She wasnt strong anymore. Or brave. She thought she was braver than this. The tears thankfully stopped but that’s only because Louise felt numb, almost like she was paralyzed.
Harry waited impatiently for an answer; he gave up and left the car. From the silence of Louise he already understood his answer.
“I love you Louise and im sorry,” He said, kissing her cheek before slamming the door shut and stomping away. “Good bye.”
Louise just sat there in silence. Of course ‘Happily Ever After’s didn’t exist between them. It hardly was plausible; Louise was clouded by her desire to be with Harry she didn’t realize they entered a cold, dark world of nonstop publicity.
The brunette never really understood why people wanted to know about ‘One Direction’. There was nothing special about them, but talent and an infinite number of fame and popularity. She didn’t think things were going to end up like a fucking love song. On the contrary really. Nothing ended without tears.
Finally, Louise locked away her thoughts and was ready to exit the car and leave, going her own way like they officially chose. When Louise looked up she noticed a sliver object, it nearly blinded her. The sliver object was an incoming car, screeching to a stop but it was still sent forward.
Harry heard this screeching and turned his head to see a collision with his car and another.
She wasnt strong anymore.

If Harry didn’t pick up Louise:

Louise has been waiting by a payphone box, waiting restlessly for her boyfriend who promised to pick her up to talk.
The horrible recent events tapped Louise into her most sacred memories of her and her boyfriend happily together, as well as her band members. Things were never going to be the same, all those times are gone; She just couldn’t picture them like that anymore.
It was just a complete waste just waiting. Harry turned his back on her and not even looking back. Louise couldn’t even remember what love was. It was all wrong.
Hours passed and change was spent on the payphone box trying to call Harry. Louise realized Harry chose his fate for them and the band. She accepted his decision and went off to start her new life without Harry Styles and One Direction.


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