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surviving the bite

chapter 80

Rachel’s p.o.v
Emma and ally came back with a few bottles of the powder which I yet to know the name of but we managed to use an app to find their phones which they happen to be in Doncaster, my guess is they went to that place we visited earlier.
“how are we going to lure them out?” Liam asked.
“we could keep them in just keep all those supernatural’s in there?” Niall suggested.
“no we need them alone so we can sort them out” Zayn said.
“blood?” ally suggested.
“too many vampires” I said.
“maybe if they spot one of us in there and we lead them out they will follow since they won’t like the fact that there are people to stop them?” Emma suggested.
“the problem with that is it’s too risky you guys don’t know how many vampires and werewolves are there we will be killed instantly!” Niall said.
“Perrie you don’t know any spell that could make them come out?” Zayn asked.
“there might be something that could give them the illusion that they need to go somewhere then they could be lead there” Perrie replied.
“it seems to risky doing it where they are because one call and they will all come out and we will be dead” Niall said.
“lead them to another part of town?” I suggested.
“Perrie you wouldn’t mind looking would you?” Zayn asked.
“give me a few hours unless you all wouldn’t mind helping then we could find it quicker” Perrie said she handed us each a book and we had to look through until we found one that matched Perries description. 5 hours passed and Liam jumped up.
“found it!” He shouted he placed the book back on the table and we looked over it.
“ok I have all of the ingredients for this we just need to travel” Perrie said.
“I’ll start the car” Niall said. I helped Perrie find the ingredients whilst the girls and Liam grabbed some weapons to help them in case we get caught by some vampires.
“you got that powder right?” I asked Perrie.
“it’s called Mountain ash and of course I have I wouldn’t forget it” Perrie said.
It took us a while to travel up to Doncaster well we were just outside of Doncaster in a selective place where there was barely anyone around and Perrie set everything up and started to do the spell.
“everyone take a bottle of mountain ash just in case.” I said handing everyone a bottle with just another to fit the two of them in a circle.
“how long does the spell take to work?” Liam asked.
“it works over 2 hours but then there is the fact in them getting here” Perrie said.
“well what do we do until them” Zayn said.
“stay warm and don’t die” Emma said checking over her cross bow and shooting a near by tree which set off a flash and Zayn turned away but he put his hands over his eyes.
“Emma!” Zayn growled.
“oh shit sorry Zayn forgot” Emma said pulling the arrow out of the tree and putting a normal head on it.
After a small amount of time Emma and I had decided to sit on some branches on two trees.
“you know what I feel sorry for Emma and El” I said and everyone faced me.
“why?” Ally asked.
“their boyfriends have been nothing but trouble I mean you know what happened with Louis his humanity being switched off, going with The vampire, he’s now par demon and now Harry you have had to put up with so much this year” I said.
“well I can say this has been the most interesting year of my life how about you El?” Emma asked.
“yeah well I found out my boyfriend is a vampire and I had died to bring back his humanity it was surreal!” El said.
“I was a hunter in training and I was at their concert and I also found out my boyfriend was a vampire and my dad tried to kill him” Emma said.
“twice” a deep voice said we turned around and Harry and Louis stood against two trees.
“you know El there’s a easier way to be with me” Louis said walking over to El with his finger gliding over her neck.
“same goes for you Em, all It takes is one bite and we will be together forever” Harry said. Harry walked back over to Lou with his arm resting on his shoulder.” After all who doesn’t want to be with the most powerful person in the world”
“well I don’t because you’re not the guy I fell in love with so you can piss off!” Emma yelled.
“ooh Haz she’s feisty she’d make a great vampire” Louis smirked.
“she has great potential you’d be a great addition to our community” Harry said.
“Now!” Perrie shouted and I chucked the powder over the two of them creating a circle on the ground around them.
“really what’s this going to do” Louis said trying to step out but soon realizing he can’t.
“that’s what it’s going to do” I laughed.
“Perrie it’s safe to unlink them don’t you think?” Zayn said.
“no once their unlinked Harry won’t hesitate in killing Louis since he will mean nothing to the demon, the only reason Louis is alive Is because Harry’s life depends on him.
“there has to be some weakness of a demon” Niall said.
“I think I might know a spell it’s ancient and was made in the early 1480’s but it might work I’ve been told that spells from this era don’t always work but it might I’m not sure” Perrie said.
“do you guys want to know an interesting fact about demons?” Harry said no one replied and he carried on “ demons are also known as falling angels did you know that Louis?”
“not at all but if we’re falling angels how come we don’t have wings?” Louis asked.
“because we’re half vampire and there is a special ritual that has to be done in order to earn our wings and it would only work if we weren’t vampires” Harry said “well may as well get comfy” he sat on the floor and watched everything we did.
“they have been here for 5 minutes and they are already pissing me off!” Zayn growled.
“calm it wolfy” Louis sneered and Harry laughed.
“why is he acting that way to Louis like he doesn’t give a shit about him but acts like he’s like a-“
“a servant/ slave” Emma said.
“yeah” I replied.
“because my guess is since Louis has part of his demon he’s like his second in command since he’s part demon he’s a higher rank than a vampire and a werewolf I figured this out this is the rank of supernatural’s witches/ sorcerer’s are at the bottom then it’s werewolf’s, vampires then demons and well angel’s would be at the bottom if they weren’t extinct since all they have are wings they can fight very well as well but well the last one died about 100 years ago in sacrifice to kill the last demon which worked but of course something happened because now we have two demons!” Emma explained.
“I’ve got it!” Perrie said. “ok so I need some mountain ash and a few more ingredients like vervain and there’s a few more that I don’t have”
“were can you get them from?” I asked.
“I’ll do a locator spell to find the nearest witch/ sorcerer clan and then I can figure out if they have the ingredients I need but can any of you get the vervain?” Perrie asked.
“I can get it” Emma said.
The sun started to rise and we finally had everything we needed and Perrie started to make the potion that was needed, she said some words and a bluish, green coloured smoke was created which went around the circle.
“you need to break the circle!” Perrie said.
“I looked over at Zayn whilst Niall and I were ready to grab them when he broke it I instantly broke Louis neck which made the two of their bodies go limp and fall to the ground where the smoke circled them and went inside of them causing both bodies to sit upright and once the smoke went inside they collapsed to the ground laying completely still on the ground.
“did it work?” I asked.
“I-I’m not sure” Perrie stuttered. We waited around for half an hour until both boys sat up gasping for air Niall and I pinned them both to look into their eyes to find their eyes were their natural colours blue and green.


omg tomorrow is Louis birthday aka christmas eve i might upload tommorrow i might not but if i don't i'd like to say i hope you all have a great christmas and i hope you all get what you wanted and enjoy time with your family and eat loads of great christmassy food!

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Merry christmas for the 25th in case i don't get another chance to say it!


I love it

Hello1Dkitty Hello1Dkitty

@Harry's kitty kat
Thats what i have named it and i have posted the first chapter i would update but im at school unfortantly haha

Emmaaaa Emmaaaa

I think immortal life sounds really good!! <3

@Harry's kitty kat
aw i'm happy i'm making another one it's fun writing i've always had a passion for writing i suspose and aw i'm glad it is your favourite fanfic i literally looked back at the begining of the first story and i can tell that it's improved like my writing was shit at the beginning haha i still don't know what to call the next one i have an idea and it's immortal life but i'm not sure any ideas? <3

Emmaaaa Emmaaaa

Ahahaha I'm so glad you're making another story and yes, your really good!!! This is my favourite fanfic <3