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surviving the bite

chapter 16

Niall’s p.o.v
It started to get light outside and I moved Rachel’s head off of my chest and onto some of the pillows and I got out of the tent and stretched, the fire had gone out and it was very sunny out, I checked my phone to see I had a call from Liam so I rang him back.
“hey Liam.” I said as he answered the phone.
“hey Niall, “ he said.
“so why did you call?” I asked.
“well we have a show tonight and we need to be at the arena for 3pm so I don’t know what time you are going to leave where ever you are but you will most likely need to come here.” He said.
“well Rachel is still asleep but I will wake her if she isn’t up by 2.” I said.
“Niall you need to be at the arena for 3.” He said.
“Liam I can run at vampire speed we would be there by 2:20 so there will be plenty of time.” I said.
“but you have the car.” Liam said.
“I’ll come back for it later.” I said.
“ok just don’t be late.” He said and hung up now what to do I wondered a bit more into the words and I heard a noise and hid behind a tree and continued to look where the sound was coming from, it was a deer. I felt the fire burning in my throat, I’ve never tried animal blood I wonder what it tastes like, I jumped on the deer and sunk my teeth into the deer’s neck drinking it’s blood and once I finished I made my way back to the tent, I have to admit animal blood wasn’t as nice as human blood but its satisfied my thirst for now I will most likely need some human blood later.
“there you are Ni.” Rachel said hugging me.
“yeah I went for a wonder, I got a bit bored.” I said.
“I’m sorry I shouldn’t have fell asleep I forgot you can’t sleep properly yet and why are you covered in blood, wait you didn’t kill someone did you?” she said quite panicked.
“no I drank a deer I found in the forest.” I said.
“you will still need human blood later.” She said.
“we need to make our way back to the boys I have to be at the arena for 3.” I said upset
“hey we could keep this stuff up and come back tonight.” she said.
“we could do that couldn’t we but I bet Paul was freaking out when he found out I never came back last night and he will most likely not let me out of his sight.” I said.
“your right we should just stay at the hotel after we hunt or do you want to try and see how long you can go without blood.” She said.
“I think I should hunt I don’t want to but It’s better than wanting to kill everyone in sight.” I said.
“ok we don’t need to try straight away what I did with harry was let him hunt as much as he needed, which we did every night, and it was hard as none of you knew, but we hunted every night and after 2-3 weeks of him being a vampire we started to hunt less and less until he got his cravings under control.” She said.
“ok, come on we should run and get back and sort out all of this stuff later.” I said and we ran vampire speed to the hotel. We arrived at the hotel and we went up to the room, Rachel was up earlier than we thought so now I have 5 hours to kill. We walked through the hotel door and out kitten Akili came straight to Rachel and she picked him up, she looked really happy.
“so how was Akili last night?” I asked.
“well we have figured out that she doesn’t like Zayn.” Alley said.
“really, I wonder why.” I said.
“It will be because he is a wolf and wolfs are part dog so her instincts will be telling her to stay away.” Rachel said.
“and is she fine with everyone else?” I asked.
“she loves Harry.” Louis said I sat down on the settee and the kitten jumped up on the settee and the kitten looked very weary of me she walked across my lap to sit on Harry’s.
“did anyone else just see that?” I asked.
“see what.” Rachel said.
“Akili looked vary weary of me like she knew something was up with me.” I said.
“that’s weird maybe it’s just your scent.” Zayn said.
“it’s still very weird.” I mumbled
Zayn’s p.o.v
Everytime that kitten comes near me she will start hissing it is weird and she also stares at me it is very weird, even when she is sitting on Harry’s lap or someone elses she will always look at me, I need to just go for a walk.
“I’ll see you guys later, I’ll be back before we have to go to the arena.” I said.
“where you going Zayn?” Emma asked.
“I’m just going for a walk.” I said.
“alright see you later.” Everyone said, to be honest I needed to get out of there because of all of them having their girlfriends and plus that kitten is creeping me out, I just need to breathe and room to think.
I walked down one of the main streets, but at the same time I was trying to stay un noticed because if one person sees me then that’s it more people will see me and there could be crowds of fans, and I’m not in the mood to be crowded.
I put my headphones in and let the world of music take me away, but no matter where I walk I have the constant feeling that someone is following me, but I continue to look around and no one is there, it’s quite weird and scary. I walked straight through the town to find a quiet spot to sit, but the only place I can think is the woods or is it the forest here, oh well it’s the only place that seems quiet I reached the out skirt of the woods and I still had that feeling that someone is watching me and again I look around and no one’s there. Maybe if I disappear into the woods this feeling will disappear.
I started to jog through the woods trying to disappear from this feeling from people are following me. But now I’m defiantly people following me I can hear leaves crunching, turned around to run, but someone pinned me to the wall.
“I told you I’d see you soon” He said I took a closer look at him and it was that Alpha who changed me.
“what do you want.” I spat at him trying to get out of his grip, I managed to get out and I stood my ground.
“I came to see how you were doing, how’s life as a werewolf treating you.” He said. “have you killed anyone yet”
“no I haven’t killed anyone.” I said in a disgusted tone.
“come on Zayn, we are brothers now, me and you are the same..” he said.
“I’m not your brother my brothers are back at the hotel and we aren’t the same.” I said.
“oh yeah your blood suckers.” He said.
“they aren’t blood suckers.” I said.
“they are Zayn, they are filthy vampires who kill innocent people, you should be with your own kind and join my pack.” He said.
“fuck you they aren’t filthy vampires they don’t kill innocent people they kill criminals so get your fucking facts right and no I will never join your pack so do me a favour yeah and just fuck off and leave me alone!” I yelled and I walked away.
“don’t you talk to me like that, I am the alpha your just a filthy beta, wait no you’re not even a beta you’re a filthy omega, you’re going to end up dead in a few weeks, you need a pack.” He yelled I faced him and gave him the finger and walked away. “you’re going to die Zayn!” he yelled I stopped in my tracks and faced him again.
“you say I don’t have a pack, well I do my pack is at home right now there may be a few humans, a hunter and vampires, but this is my pack, my family and I will never leave them.” I said and turned around and walked away for good.


I love it

Hello1Dkitty Hello1Dkitty

@Harry's kitty kat
Thats what i have named it and i have posted the first chapter i would update but im at school unfortantly haha

Emmaaaa Emmaaaa

I think immortal life sounds really good!! <3

@Harry's kitty kat
aw i'm happy i'm making another one it's fun writing i've always had a passion for writing i suspose and aw i'm glad it is your favourite fanfic i literally looked back at the begining of the first story and i can tell that it's improved like my writing was shit at the beginning haha i still don't know what to call the next one i have an idea and it's immortal life but i'm not sure any ideas? <3

Emmaaaa Emmaaaa

Ahahaha I'm so glad you're making another story and yes, your really good!!! This is my favourite fanfic <3