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Chapter one

{Chapter 1}
Today was the day. I smiled to myself as I ran my brush through my hair before moving to the closet to eye all my clothes. I needed the perfect out fit for this. Once I picked a pair of black skinny jeans with my lucky old beat up converse and my favorite red shoulderless top with the black skull, I moved on to makeup. I threw on eye liner and mascara with some red lipstick. It wasnt too much yet too little, even with the lipstick. I glanced in the mirror one last time and smiled. I looked down at my phone and read through my recent texts.
Rachael: Shut up ho
Marissa: On my way!
I replied to both quickly before moving on to read my tweets. My news feed was blowing up with the news about todays lucky meet and greet here in good ol' virginia.
Louis: Hello VA you ready?
Liam: We are so excited so see our fans we will be there in less than half an hour!
Harry: A new day and another good one to see you lovely people!
Niall: have t take a big long nap later after this long day virginia worked us up wow!
I smiled to myself and set down my phone. Marissa would be here any minute to take us to the meet and greet. "Dreaming about Niall again?" Lola's voice said from the door making me jump. I smiled to her. "Hey Lola. And no." She smiled to herself, "Come on, Niall is waiting." I jumped up and rushed out the door.
It sucked that the place of the meet and greet was the church I regularly voluteered at so I was forced to do my regular duties. Straighten up, sweep, clean left over dishes, scrub the sink and the counters. I looked around, we were the first ones allowed in since we had the key. One Direction would come in the door of the kitchen and I would let them in while Lola and Marissa kept the fans busy. I grabbed a towel and started cleaning the windows, spraying the windex as I waited. I sprayed the doors winoe and began scrubbing. I jumped and screamed when a face appeared in the window as I removed the towel. I flushed furiously and ripped open the door to look at the boys who were laughing. "Sorry, love didnt mean to scare you," Louis chuckled. "Is the right place for the meet and greet?" Liam asked. I was at a loss for words and just nodded. I cleared my throat and stepped away. "Come on in. Pick a spot anywhere to sit." They all dispersed across the room and I went back to cleaning. Liam was right by the small counter of the kitchen, Louis sat by the door. Niall sat in the middle of the room, Harry in the back corner, texting on his phone, Zayn in the corner across fron Harry. I tried to keep my eyes from Niall as I scrubbed at the counter tops. I heard chattering screams and squeals, knowing it began. The fans walked around and talked to them, there only had to be sixty at the most which was a lot for our small town. I kept myself busy, knowing I was far too shy to talk to any of them. And it wasnt because they were famous but because I was just socially awkward. Lola scampered into the kitchen and looked around. "We're serving food soon but they said the fans go to the eating hall and the boys will eat here. So you can serve them okay? "Yeah sure..." I sighed. Lola was silent for a minute as Marissa walked in. "Niall is staring at you," Lola said. "He has been since the fans came in," Marissa added. I just blushed. "So?" "Go talk to him!" Marissa giggled. "I cant. I have work to do." They shared a glance and sighed before walking out. I looked up and noticed Liam looking at me. He smiled. "Sorry, I didnt mean to eavesdrop. But there right hes been looking at you a right long time." I blushed and looked down. "Oh," was all I could make myself say. "Do you enjoy One Direction or are you just a worker?" "Enjoy-I freakin love you guys." I blurted out and then stopped myself. He gave a laugh. "Then why havent you spoken to us?" I shrugged and went back to scrubbing. "I know shy can be hard. Dont let it eat you away though." He said and turned his attention to a fan who strutted over.
After successfully serving all the food and fans began leaving, I was starting to unwind as I walked over toward where Niall was seated to deal with one of the younger toddlers who seemed to be lost from his older sister. I knelt down as Niall looked around in concern. "Hi sweetie, did you lose sissy?" I asked him. I loved children, working with them was a big passion for me. The child nodded with tears in his eyes. "Ya hes been sittin with me for a while." Niall said. I looked to him and nodded. "Thanks for watching him." I looked back to the boy. "Come here honey we will find her okay?" I said holding out my arms. He smiled a bit and allowed me to scoop him up before I walked off. Marissa helped me find his sister quickly, she'd been searching for him. "Thank you so so so much!" "No problem," I smiled. "ALRIGHT WRAP IT UP EVERYONE!" Lola yelled. A few members of security moved to talk to the boys who gathered their things. "So you are going to ignore the guy you want to marry?" I heard a father say to his daughter. She looked to him and said, "your right." She took off running into the hall and tackle hugged Harry with a big smile as I swept. I tried to ignore it. And as I thought about it I realized she was right. It was a once in a life time opportunity. But when I turned around they were gone. I felt my stomach drop and threw the broom as I ran out the back door. Tears stung in my eyes as I saw them walking away. "Niall, wait!" I called out as loud as my stinging throat would allow. Liam and Niall both turned to look at me. Niall stopped and smiled but security ushered him along. He was so far now. My heart was stinging, it felt like someone was stomping it in the dirt. Niall pulled the red snapback off his head that I didnt notice he had been wearing and threw it. I didnt think it would go much further then where he stood, but the wind took off and the hat rode the wind toward me. I ran ahead to grab the hat. I watched as the boys loaded the bus clutching the hat tightly as the tears streamed down my face. I had lost my chance of really meeting Niall. Over how shy I was. How could I be so dumb? I watched the tour bus roll away, stringing my heart along with it...


Plzzzz update !!!!
Awwwww!! I just cried at the last part!! He loves her too!!! <3
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