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Dangerous Love

34 - Deep Breaths

[Anna Lisa]

A string of moans and curses leave Harry’s mouth as I quickly glide my hand up and down his big shaft. At first I wasn’t quite sure on this, if I was doing a good job or not, but by the way he’s moaning and saying my name – well, I’m pretty sure I’m doing something right, I don’t know what exactly, but something is working.

“Ah, yes, yes, yes.” Harry groans out suddenly, making me flinch just a tad. His sudden bursts of responses are pleasing and quite hot if I do say so myself. “Mouth.. use your mouth.” He demands in a mumble, his hand grabbing a handful of my hair. I swallow the lump forming in my throat and I lean up a little more, to get better access.

“Spit on it.” He mutters out, his eyes staring holes through me as my lips hover over his tip. I release an exhale through my nose, prepared to take the leap and do this for him. At least I know he’ll enjoy it, that’s all I care about.. pleasing him, and being good for him.

I open my lips to form a slight o shape, allowing saliva I’ve gathered in my mouth to slip out, falling down onto the very tip of his member. “Fuck baby.” Harry hisses out as the wetness coats his tip. “Lick me, baby.. you’re doing so good.” Harry tells me with a pleasure filled sigh leaving his mouth.

I stick my tongue out and start at the base, licking a stripe from the bottom to the slit at the top. Harry grips my hair harder, pulling me even closer to his erection. I open my mouth and as he grabs his shaft with his free hand, guiding it towards my mouth. “There you go.” He mumbles to me with a smirk, pleased by the fact I was waiting with my mouth agape for him.

He sticks the tip in and lets me take over from there. I close my lips around the thickness, closing my eyes as I take in the feeling of having him in my mouth. “So good.” He groans out as I slowly start to bob my head up and down, I’m sure exactly how to do this, but I hope what I am do is working..

Harry releases my hair and relocates his hand to the side of my neck, gripping tight as he holds me on his cock. “Fuck, you’re so fuckin’ good, Anna Lisa.” Harry says with a relieving sigh as I take him out of my mouth, the need for air is catching up to me.

“That’s enough. C’mere.” He demands before I could even take in a full inhale. I gasp lightly as he grabs my arm and pulls me up with one good, powerful pull. He’s so strong, but yet he’s so gentle at the same time. “It’s time to please you.” He informs me as he stands up, my elbow in his tight hold.

“Lay down, baby.” He says, leading me to the side of the bed. I climb on the bed, shivering slightly as I feel his presence behind me. I lay down on my back, staring up at the ceiling as I try to calm myself, try to distract myself from what I just did – but it’s too hard to not think about it.

“You’re too tensed, relax.” Harry’s voice invades my peace, but I don’t mind one bit. I exhale a deep breath, my body fulling sinking into the mattress now that I’m sort of calmer. “There you go.” Harry says as he nudges my legs apart with his knee. I keep my eyes on the ceiling, not sure what he wants me to do – I don’t have much clarity right now.

“So beautiful.” He mumbles under his breath. I can’t help but let my cheeks burn up at his words, I’ve only known him for two days and he’s been calling me beautiful almost the entire time – people I’ve known my whole life haven’t ever even called me that..

I lift my head a tad, just so I could see what he was doing. Harry stares at the place my legs divide, a place no one’s ever seen but me. I feel chills running through my body as I feel the heat his eyes are giving me, they’re burning holes right through me. This tongue sticks out between his soft lips, running over the bottom one slightly before going back to hiding.

Harry glances at me suddenly and I lay my head back, embarrassed that he caught me staring at him again. I let out a shaky breath and attempt to go back to that little bit of peace and quiet still left in my mind. “Why are you being so shy, baby?” Harry asks, his fingertips gliding up and down the top of my right thigh, his other hand resting on my opposite knee.

“I.. don’t know.. sir.” I mutter out, unsure of what’s really supposed to be going on – I mean I know, trust me, but I just need to feel him touch me again, more than what’s he doing know though. However, the pads of his fingers glazing over my skin again and again is sending wondrous sensations through my body – erupting those butterflies from their short, short nap.

“Well stop it. It’s cute, but stop.” Harry insists with a sternness to his raspy, accented voice. “Understand me, darling?” He adds in, raising his eyebrows as emphasis on his question. “Yes sir.” I throw out the words quickly, trying to avoid stuttering out of pure nervousness or choking up on air.

“Good. Now, listen to me.” He starts with a soft sigh, his eyes trailing down my body – they stay glued on my clothed crotch within seconds though. “You’ve been such a good girl for me, and I owe you a ton of pleasure for that.” Harry pauses, his fingertips sliding to the inside of my thigh, it slightly tickled me so I didn’t hide my light smile.

“I’m not going to hurt you. It might be weird at first, but I promise you that you’ll love it all. But I need you to swear something to me.. and this goes for anytime, not just tonight.” Harry says, his eyes darting to mine. I give him a soft nod, letting him know I understand his point.

“Promise me, swear to me.. that at any point.. if you start hurting.. you tell me. Because I want to give you pleasurable pain, not the bad pain. Promise me, baby?” He asks, his hand sliding down my leg from my knee, his long fingers wrap around my ankle. “I promise, sir. I swear I’ll tell you.” I say in a gentle voice, I couldn’t muster much more than that to be fully honest. He gives me a half smirk and drops his hand from my thigh. I huff lightly to myself, I was really enjoying the way that felt. My body tenses up as Harry lowers himself, allowing his body to hover over mine.

“Relax Anna Lisa.. you overreact too much, love.” Harry says in a whisper, his warm breath fans my face as I stare up into those beautiful jade eyes. I watch his eyes move as he studies the upper portion of my body – despite me not being completely naked underneath him. He fixes his eyes on mine again, slyly smirking down at me.

“Why are you so nervous? You’re tensing up every time I look at you.” Harry says, a laugh in his tone as he leans his face closer to mine, his elbows falling to mattress to hold him up instead of his hands now. “You have nothing to worry about, I won’t hurt you, princess.” He mumbles out, his lips brushing mine as his eyes close. I do the same, basically because I don’t know what else to do – I just follow my instincts, no I follow my gut.

“Relax..” Harry slurs as he presses his lips against mine. I pucker them just a bit, so he can get access better. His tongue invades my mouth, gentle rubbing against mine. I wish I could gather enough courage to tell him why I’m so damn tense right now, but I thought he’d know. I guess not, so does that mean I need to man up and admit my issue, or stay quiet and be good?

He pulls away too quick for my liking. Harry’s arms slide under me and he leans up, bringing me with him. I throw my arm around his neck, trying to keep myself still. He chuckles in my ear lightly just as my hand grabs his the back of his neck.

“It’s okay, baby girl, I won’t drop you.” He utters into my ear, gently placing a kiss on my lobe. I smile as I hide my face in the crook of his neck, he knows all the right things to say – and I don’t even know half of those things myself, I just get this really amazing feelings inside – and a massive addition to the butterflies each time he speaks to me in such a sweet way.

“Sorry, sir.” I whisper against his skin, the warmth calming me some. “It’s okay baby.” He says, I could hear the smile in his deep voice. I feel his fingertips against my back, trying to unclasp my bra. I hold my breath, nervous about what is about to come. I know he’s saw them, but I just don’t know if he likes them.. or me at all.

“Lay back down.” Harry demands in a mumble as he undoes the back of my bra. I sigh at the slight release from my body, but my relief soon disappears as I come to my senses. My back hits the soft mattress, my head deep in the pillow. I open my eyes just in time to see Harry throw my bra across the room, obviously not missing it at all. My chest heats up as Harry’s eyes roam all over it.

“Mmm..” Harry lets out a light moan as he kneels on the bed, licking his lips as he stares at me. “Your skin is getting red, are you cold?” He asks me, furrowing his eyebrows as his warm palm presses firmly against my cheek. I wrap my hand around his wrist, loving the feeling of his warmth on my pale skin.

“Yes sir.” I breathe out, my breath finally becoming normal and steady. Harry smiles at me, his eyes bright and puts his deep dimples on display for me. “Let me fix that.” He insists, lowering his body back over mine. His stomach lays on mine, his elbow keeping him from completely squishing me. Harry keeps his hand on my face, probably realized I enjoy the feeling a lot.


Anna Lisa’s eyes stare into mine – they’re so beautiful. I give her a soft wink as I drop my hand from her cheek down to the side of her neck. I dip down, nudging her head to the opposite side as I try to decide on a nice place for my lips to connect with her soft skin. She gasps as I sink my teeth into the side of her neck. I smirk gently at her sounds filling my ears.

She digs her fingernails into my forearm, her hand squeezing tight around me. I nibble at her skin, but not too harshly – I don’t want to hurt her too bad just yet. I try to keep in mind that she’s never done this before, she’s never been felt up, she’s never experienced any of the stuff I have already done or what I’m planning to do – but trying to stop me from devouring her gorgeous body would be like trying to tame a lion that hadn’t ate in days. It’s so hard to resist, yet I control myself and go in slowing for the kill – very slowly.

I start to suck on the spot on her neck, receiving little gasps from her in return. She nearly lost her breath as I thrust myself between her legs, only intending for her to feel what she’s getting soon. “Ha-harry.” She breathes my name unsteadily, a sign that she was indeed not expecting that. I hum against her neck, not in the mood to speak right now – I have something else to focus on, leaving my mark on this beautiful girl – my beautiful girl.

“Feels…” She stops herself after the one word. I open my eyes at the sound of her voice saying that word – I only want to know what’s next. I close my eyes again, trying to focus on both her voice and the spot on her pale skin. I bite just a bit harder into her skin, sucking roughly afterwards. “Good.” She sighs out, her voice like a feather – light and airy. I felt my cock twitch in my boxers, this girl is going to make me explode before I even get inside of her.

I release her skin from my mouth. The small amount of light in the bedroom helps me enough to see her reddened skin. I run my tongue slowly over the spot, a little giggle fills my ear all of a sudden. “You like that?” I ask in a mutter against her soft skin. “Yes sir.” She whispers back, I could hear the beautiful smile in that voice of hers. I repeat my action, just to hear her giggle again – it’s awfully adorable to me.

I notice her eyes are tightly shut as I lean up to look at her. She’s so stunning – every little thing about her just captivates my mind. I slide myself down some, so that I’m eye level with her breasts. My hand falls from her neck, her eyes open just as we lose that contact with each other. I see her cheeks blush as I slide my arm under her, gripping her waist as I reach the other side of her body.

My other arm holds me up so I don’t suffocate her – my elbow pressing down into the mattress. My attention focuses on her chest now – her milky white skin, her pink nipples. Her chest is falling and rising quickly, she’s tensed again. “Relax, baby.” I mumble out to her. She releases a shaky sigh and finally she begins to breathe normally again. “There you go.” I say lightly before brining my arm from underneath her. Her body falls the short distance to the mattress and I don’t dare hesitate what’s next.

My hand barely covers her boob – I give her a tight grasp and she lets out a beautiful moan. I nearly lose my shit as the wondrous sound fills my ears. I do it again, another moan as a result. I use the pad of my finger to trace around her nipple, it’s hard and stiff as I finally touch it.

Anna Lisa gasps heavily, her eyes closing as the sensation hits her. I give it a pinch before rolling it around between my fingers. “Harry.” She groans out my name as I squeeze her nipple just a little harder. I smirk to myself at the sound of her pleasure. I’ve never really loved a girl, or showed one real love – just had sex for my own release, not really care about them. But now that I have Anna Lisa, I want to do nothing but show her some love, make sure she knows that she deserves some pleasure.

My fingers release her nipple, but it doesn’t go untouched for long – I go down the short distance and wrap my lips around it. Anna Lisa’s hand grabs onto my shoulder, her fingernails digging deep in my skin as I begin to suck on the nub – hearing her moans only makes me want go harder and longer, so I do just that.

[Anna Lisa]

I bite my bottom lip hard as Harry’s mouth leaves from my boob, his body sliding down mine once again – but further this time. I take in a deep inhale as I feel his tongue trail down from my chest to the top of my navel. He twirls his tongue around it before continuing down to the slowly to waistband of my underwear. I feel a shiver shoot through my body as his hands grabs my hips roughly, his fingers pressing deep into my skin.

Please relax, baby.” Harry sighs out in annoyance, I just can’t help my panicking and my overacting. I let out a sigh as I try my very best to relax my muscles and my entire body. “There’s nothing to worry about.” He mumbles to me, his hot breath slamming on my skin – more shivers and chills resulting.

Harry continues the drag of his tongue as he goes down my left leg, his hand running down my other one. I can’t help but let a smile come to my face as he reached the top of my foot – I’m highly ticklish, and I’m shocked I haven’t burst out laughing. He stops and places a peck on the tip of my big toe.

“Lean up, watch me babe.” Harry demands suddenly. I gulp gently as I raise up a little bit, my elbows pressing into the mattress behind me to keep me up. Harry gives me a wink as he kneels on the bed between my legs, his eyes racing down my body, stopping at my core. I hold my breath as he brings his hands to my hips. My heart begins to race rapidly as he hooks each index finger on the waistband of my panties.

His tongue swipes over his bottom lip again as he gives them a gentle tug. “Lay back down.. relax.” Harry insists sternly, his eyes giving me a glance. “Yes sir.” I whisper out nervously, my back hitting the mattress again. I stare at the ceiling as Harry pulls my underwear down, I feel the fabric glide over my butt – this is it, there’s nothing I can do to stop him from seeing what I was given – what now belongs to him.

“There you go, deep breaths.” Harry says, approving of the technique I’m trying to use to calm myself down. My hands grab a hold of the cover beneath me – Harry yanks the underwear down my legs and removes them completely from my body. A relieved sigh slips past my lips, I’m only glad he’s done with the teasing – the feeling of his fingertips against my skin is just.. incredible.

“Have you ever.. touched yourself?” Harry asks, resting his hands on my inner thighs. “No.. sir.” I admit to him, it’s not that I didn’t know what to do (I think you just sort of get an instinct on what you need to do anyways, so I did know), it’s just that I didn’t feel the need to do it – nothing has ever made my stomach bubble the way Harry does.

He doesn’t say anything to me in response though. Suddenly I gasp as I feel his fingertip running down my slit. “You’re so wet for me, baby girl.” Harry says as I feel movement on the mattress. I gulp gently as his arms wrap around my thighs. He pulls me closer his face, his warm breath blowing over my skin.

Harry blows sharply on my center and I groan, I’m not sure if it hurt or felt good – I hear him chuckle at my response. “I bet you taste so fuckin’ good, Anna Lisa.” Harry says with a groan. I gulp gently – I guess he’s planning on finding out.


//sorry for the delay, I promised longer chapters so here you go!! Hope you like and just a warning.. I will be doing profane words and explicit details a lot, so if you don't like that stuff well.. why'd you even start reading this? lol. ANYWAYS.......... feedback, I KNOW I KNOW cliffhanger!! Sorry but I had to do that! Lol, chapters coming soon! NO more delaying hopefully!


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