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Unknown Secrets // Liam Payne Fan- fiction


My world was distorted until I met you,
In the cloud of mist I can see through….I thought it wasn’t true.

A new face, a new life and a new world I never knew,
Discovering something beautiful, I thought I would ever do.

I have fallen; I have fallen once again,
This time it’s real and more real than I could ever say.

Just like a dream, you changed my life; you turned my life around,
But it’s the secrets….the secrets that will keep up from being found.

Liam Payne…

For Liam Payne....his life changed..changed completely….within an hour.......as he step his foot into a world fall of secrets, mystery, legends and destruction.....a completely different world to his....the world of king and queens.... the world of "Bhutan."

Secrets…..we all have secrets. Each and every one of us…sometimes we know the secret ourselves and sometimes we don’t. The secrets we don’t know become the unknown…

There are two kinds of secrets…..the one we hid from the world and the one that the world has hid from us. Either way….in the end secret is secret.

When it is revealed to us…..it can uplift us or break us….

Mei He…


Liam Payne

Liam Payne

(20 Years Old)

Mei He

Mei He

(19 Years Old)


  1. Mystery (Chapter 1)

    "A Kingdom that belongs to the lost king."

  2. Attractive (Chapter 2)

    " I dread to put my mouth on top of his."


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