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False Bond ***ON HOLD***


A broken girl trying to move on from the death of her ex-boyfriend. A boy who is looking for a girlfriend so he don't have to be forced into marriage. What happened when this two meet? It started of like a game, an innocent game, but what would it lead to? Love, hate or destruction?

I want to thank @She Said Poptarts for doing such an AMAZING job with my cover......go and see for yourself......I can assure you....you won't be disappointed <3<3


Harry Styles - (Hazz/Harold)

Harry Styles - (Hazz/Harold)

Half British/German (20 years old) and is architect......*Main Character*

Jessica Styles (Jess)

Jessica Styles (Jess)

Half British/German (24 years old) and is a doctor......*Harry Sister*

Ken Voltemas

Ken Voltemas

(45 years old)- Thai and business man....*Kim's Dad*

Kimberly Ann Voltemas (Kim/ Kimmy)

Kimberly Ann Voltemas (Kim/ Kimmy)

Half Thai/German (23 years old) and is a doctor.....*Main Character*

Mario Jay Voltemas (Mario)

Mario Jay Voltemas (Mario)

Half Thai/German (18 years old) Studying architect......*Kim's brother*

Urassaya Sperbund (YaYa)

Urassaya Sperbund (YaYa)

Half Thai/Norwegian (23 years old) is also a doctor.....*Kim's and Jess's Best friend*

Zarra Voltemas

Zarra Voltemas

(44 years old) German......*Kim's mum*


  1. Prologue

  2. Living hell (Chapter 1)

    “I will be dragging the closet people I know into my living hell”

  3. Daydreaming (Chapter 2)

    "If she plays a big part in my sisters’ life then, she is also playing a role that is part of mine."

  4. Like an idiot (Chapter 3)

    "Brown curls, intense Green eyes and dimples."

  5. Plane ride (Chapter 4)

    “My soul is lost…but I am also lost in this reality world…”

  6. Meeting the Grandparents (Chapter 5)

    “I cross my heart, hope to die.”

  7. Newlywed (Chapter 6)

    “They are like a newlywed couple.”


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