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Contrast between You and Me


A Korean girl (Bai) moved to England due to her father’s work. She is very traditional, polite, shy, quiet and a nerd who is not interested in boys what so ever. She is not only a big sister but also a mother figure to her little sister Nita. Bai have never experience any happiness as she cram her live in with school and house work.

Harry on the other had is a total opposite of Bai. He is carefree, outgoing and popular not only at school by amongst most of the ladies who lay their eyes on him. School work is the last thing on his mind while partying, sex and no rule policy being his top priority. He doesn't care about anyone except himself, well, until he met the first girl who has no interested in him in the slightest bit.

His aim is to make Bai fall for him…but things change once he enters the world of Bai…where the unexpected were seen and heard.

How can two completely different people from opposit side of the world come to a state where their differences vanish in thin air?

“He is loud and I am quite. He is carefree and I am solemn. He is strong and I am weak. He is the centre of the spotlight while I am just a shadow. He will leave one day and I will be left behind…Harry and me are not destined to be together…we are too different.”


Annalisa Styles (Anna)

Annalisa Styles (Anna)

(Harry's Little sister - 6 years old)

Baifern Pinchanok (Bai)

Baifern Pinchanok (Bai)

(17 Years old)

Harry Styles

Harry Styles

(17 years old)

Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho

(Rich and later forced into marriage with Bai)

Nita Pinchanok

Nita Pinchanok

(Bai's little sister - 6 years old)


  1. Nerd (Chapter 1)

    “Welcome to Cambleton Collage love.”

  2. First Friend (Chapter 2)

    "Someone's watching over me."

  3. Princesses (Chapter 3)

    “The four eyes granny.”

  4. Warnings (Chapter 4)


  5. Forgive (Chapter 5)

    “Tt’s my fate and I just have to accept it.”

  6. Crying (Chapter 6)

    “I am sorry Bai.”

  7. Nightmares (Chapter 7)

    “I won’t let you go.”

  8. Forgiveness (Chapter 8)

    "I never actually knew this boy has dimples."

  9. Shopping (Chapter 9)

    "Your man has a good taste."

  10. Dream (Chapter 10)

    "Is this a dream within a dream?”



Hahaha awww <3 .....I am glad you like her :D I will try to update soon dear &_^

You're welcome! It's a joy to read them! I love Bai. She's just so wonderful. I can't wait to see what happens next!

julietrainier7 julietrainier7


HAhahah aww thank you love :) I am glad you are reading my other stories as well....your supports is my world <3

Amazing, as always! You never fail to please! Keep it up! I'm LOVING IT!

julietrainier7 julietrainier7


Aww you are way too sweet :) I am crying with happy tears....sorry I am being dramatic I know but I can't help it :D Thanks heaps love xxx