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Expect the Unexpected ON HOLD

Chapter Nine

I put the final piece of laundry in the bin, looking around my room approvingly before my eyes landed on the small vase of purple flowers that sat on my desk. My previously messy bedroom was now back to it’s clean and organized state thanks to those flowers.

After my life kind of fell apart, I let everything else fall apart too, including the orderly state of my room. But since those flowers had come to stand tall and beautiful in the midst of my mess, I felt as though everything around them needed to be clean. With my room looking pretty and orderly around me I felt like my life was slowly getting patched up. And a large part of that had to do with Ashton.

Ashton had left with the rest of the boys only three days ago. The morning of his departure I was sitting in my kitchen eating a bowl of cereal and reading when a knock sounded on the door. I was kind of nervous to open the door. If those officers were back to ask me more questions I didn’t want to deal with them without my parents, who were at work. I slowly scooted out from behind the kitchen table and made my way to the door, tiptoeing so that whoever was outside wouldn’t know I was home. I tentatively checked the outside through the peephole and smiled at who it was. I immediately unlocked my door and flung it open, revealing a smiling Ashton holding a bouquet of purple flowers.

“Hey Violet, can I come in real fast?” He shuffled on his feet and I smiled before gently grabbing his arm and ushering him inside. He glanced down at the flowers he was holding as we crossed the threshold of the door and held them out for me to take.

“These are for you. They’re violets.” he looked so proud of himself as I took the bouquet from him and rose the flowers up to my nose, inhaling the sweet scent.

“Thanks Ashton, I love them.” I smiled and Ashton grinned before stepping closer to me and wrapping his arms around my waist. I set the violets down on a nearby table and wrapped my arms around his neck, smiling as he rested his forehead against mine.

“Don’t you have a plane to catch?” I wondered out loud as Ashton traced circles over the skin of my back.

“I leave for the airport in half an hour. I just wanted to say bye before I left.” he answered, his voice soft as he dipped his head down to my shoulder and pressed a soft kiss to the exposed skin. I was wearing a tanktop and jeans, leaving much of my arms and upper chest exposed. His lips ghosted over the skin of my neck as he left small kisses from my collarbone to right below my ear.

“I’m going to miss talking to you,” he mumbled against my cheek. I felt a blush rise to my face and whispered back,

“I’m gonna miss you too.”

We stayed quiet for a moment before Ashton leaned back a bit and looked into my eyes, searching them with his own. He moved one of his hands up from my back to rest on the back of my neck before leaning in towards me. I closed my eyes and wrapped my fingers in his hair as his lips met mine, sending shivers down my spine. The kiss started soft, but quickly became more heated as Ashton ran his tongue across my bottom lip. I granted him access and he began to explore my mouth with his tongue. We continued on like this until I felt myself in desperate need for breath. I was about to pull away when Ashton took my bottom lip between his teeth and pulled away slightly before releasing it and grinning down at me. His lips were swollen and his eyes shone. I felt like I was the only girl in the world as he held me, his eyes taking in every detail of my face. My chest rose and fell rapidly as I struggled to catch my breath and I ran my thumb across my lips, enjoying the tingling sensation that remained from our kiss. Ashton chuckled before pressing one more kiss to my forehead and stepping away.

“I’ve gotta go, but I promise we’ll hang out when I come back.” Ashton told me as he headed towards the front door. I smiled and nodded, following him to the door. I placed a hand on his bicep as he went to turn the knob and he turned back to face me. I hastily pressed another kiss to his lips before pulling away.

“Bye Ashton.” I giggled as a blush spread across Ashton’s cheeks.

“Bye Violet. See you later.” He smiled before opening the door and waving one more time before it closed behind him. I rested my back against the door and leaned into it, running my fingers over my lips again as I remembered the kiss.

Now, sitting in the middle of my floor in my bedroom I was still running my fingers across my lips. My gaze fell on those pretty purple violets again and I couldn’t help but smile at the sight. Ashton was so sweet to me. I couldn’t wait till he came back home in only four days. We had already made plans to go on another date as soon as he returned. We'd been texting practically nonstop since he left. I’d also been texting Michael a lot lately and we’d become really good friends over the past couple of days. I felt like I had more people standing behind me than ever. I felt safe and supported, and even though my life was far from perfect, I still felt better about it than I had in a long time.


InternetKid here! Sorry for such a short chapter but it's more of a filler. And it involves Ashton's lips, soooo...

Be sure to check out my other story, "Falling for Your Eyes". If you like Harry Styles and you like Ed Sheeran, then you'll like this story.

Thanks to all of you for reading and voting! You guys are awesome and bellajayne and I can't wait to write more for you guys.

Later lovelies!


Thank you so much! We're really glad you like it :) We're both pretty busy atm but i'l try update soon x

This is soooo great!! I'm like WHAT ON EARTH IS HAPPENING?!?!?! Haha, please update soon!


Thank you! haha yeah we feel kinda bad for making poor ash go through it but it gets better just wait and see... :D

bellajayne bellajayne

omg i honestly love this story so much! It's so cute! I feel so bad for Ashton, though! He's so hurt and confused! Update soon!

Thank you! Me and internet kid are really glad to hear it :)

bellajayne bellajayne