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A life of Payne

Chapter 46

Katie's POV

A small smile found its way to my lips just by looking at Liam.

I really did miss him and it's only been a week.

He tore his gaze away first to talk to the rest of his band, Sometimes I actually wonder if those boys could last more then twelve hours without each other but it's not really my place to judge. I'm just sayig it would be a lot easier to get alog with Liam if I wasn't out numbered by boys all the time.

The crowd of people here wasn't that big so I decided to go off stage and talk to a few people since I don't have anything else planned for the day, I'm in no hurry to leave epsically since today has been perfect and hasn't had one bad moment. Why rush to leave when everything is perfect?

After talking to a few publists and Simon again, I turned around to see Karen and Geoff walking towards me.

I don't talk to them as much as I would like to but I do love talking or seeing them whenever I can.
Most people think I wouldn't talk to them at all because of what they did eighteen years ago but I really can't find it in me to hold a grudge over it.

"Hey!" I smiled towards them as they walked over to me.
I was instantly wrapped in my mothers arms as soon as they reached me and even though I don't like to admit it, she gives some pretty amazing hugs. It must be a Payne thing.

"You did amazing sweetie! We are so proud!" I smiled again feeling proud of myself just for making the people who orginally didn't want me now proud of me.

I talked a little longer with my parents before my eyes started to roam around the large amount of people that were still here waiting to talk to me but I was once again hurt when I couldn't see Liam.

"Hey did Liam come with you? Has he left already?" The look on my mums face was a mixture of shock and confusion almost like she didn't know what has been going on between Laim and myself.

"Yes he came with us but he said he was going to the studio after with the other boys so I'm not sure if he's still here, he probably left already." I felt my heart sink a tad at her words. As soon as I'm ready to talk to him he's to busy for me.

"Is there something you two aren't telling us? Are you getting along okay?" My dad stepped in with a stern look on his slightly wrinkled face. His look made me want to admit every little thing that has gone wrong since I moved out here but I know that now is not the time or place for it.

"No sibling relationship is perfect." I was going to explain further but they both nodded like they knew I didn't want to talk about it anymore.

"I think there is a lot of other people that want to talk to you so we will catch up again soon sweetie." I was given another short hug from both my parents before they walked away hand in hand.
Sometimes I wish I could have a simple honest to god love life like they do. The kind where you can just smile by looking at him or can laugh at what they say and actually mean it.

"God I want that." I pouted at the thought of it.

"Want what? Can I get it for you?" I jumped slightly at the sudden voice coming from behind me.

I turned around slowly not knowing what to expect but was very surprised when I saw the one person I least epected to be here of all places.


He smiled shyly at me but I was still shocked to see him here. Wasn't he meant to be on tour?
I didn't think much more about it before I wrapped my arms around him and his arms were wrapped around me in less then a second. His familiar scent of body spray filling my senses, I loved that he wore body spray rather then cologne because it wasn't as strong and in my opinion it just smelt better.

"Uh what are you doing here? Um I mean I'm happy to see you and all. God am I happy to see you." Once again I didn't think before I crashed my lips to his which he eagerly kissed back within seconds again.

After a few minutes I noticed a few flashes going off around us and pulled away to see what was going on. I had nearly forgot that I was the main attraction today until paparazzi started taking pictures of us.

"Looks like everyone thinks we made up and I haven't even said sorry yet." He dropped his gaze to the grass underneath our feet and I instantly knew what I was talking about.

"Oh Calum! You don't need to apologize. I shouldn't have over reacted about it I mean you just wanted to spend time together and I honestly regret not saying yes." He looked surprised by my words but that dream the other week really made me realize how lucky I am to have someone as kind as Calum, he's definiatly better then a few boys I hung around in high school.

"What? What made you change your mind?" He pulled me closer to him as he talked and I couldn't help but think what life with him could be like in five to ten years from now, I imagine it to be pretty prefect.

"I just missed you a lot." I didn't see the need to tell him everything that has been going on between myself and Liam, it isn't improtant right now and if Liam wants to sort things out he knows where to find me.

"Well aren't you being cliche right now." He bent down and rubbed his nose against mine which made me giggle at his cuteness. A few more flashes went off around us and I heard some reporters talking about us being tomorrows headline. Famous people sure have to put up with a lot of weirdo's.

"We should get out of here. I think I have talked to enough reporters and the rest can just miss out." I smiled up at him and he returned it nodding at my idea.

"The rest of the boys are here too. I think they headed to KFC with Ashley to give us some time to talk, I know it's not the cliche McDonalds but it will have to do." He pecked my lips quickly before intertwining our fingers together.

"Good I don't like McDonalds over here. It's just not the same as New Zealand and besides I highly doubt that England can screw up fried chicken." He laughed at me before slightly pulling me in the direction of the car park.

It's good to have him back even if it's only for a little while.


"It's good to see you again Katie! I missed you so much!" Since Calum and I arrived at KFC I have literally been crushed by Ashton's bear hug and it's been a good five minutes now. I knew we were friends and all but not this much, he's acting like we've been best friends for years or something.

"Ashton it's only been what? A week and a half? Now get off my girl before I hurt you." Calum tried to pull Ashton off me but he just hugged me tighter and even though I was over it by now I still laughed.
"NO! Just a few more minutes with my girl bestie! And beside you're just lucky you still get the privilege of calling her 'your girl'." I could tell Ashton had hit a nerve when Calum sucked in a sharp breathe and quickly looked away.

I gave Ashton one more quick squeeze before wriggling out of his death grip he had on me.

Calum sat on the opposite side of the booth to everyone else and I followed his actions and sat next to him. He refused to look at me at first so I placed my legs on top of his and got comfortable before putting my hands on either side of his face and turning his head to look at me.

"Your girl."

"My girl." He repeated before quickly pulling me in for a kiss.

By the time we finally came up for air everyone else had nearly finished eating and we haven't even started but fried chicken was the last thing on my mind right now.

I started to pick at my food but didn't really eat much and neither did Calum as he got bored and started drawing something on his hand.
He finished rather quickly and reached out for my hand. I freely let him draw on my hand to not really paying much attention to want he was drawing at first.

"What are you drawing? And where did you even get that marker?" He just hushed me as he tried to concentrate.

"You know I always knew you two would get together." Michael's voice was heard from accross the table making me look up from Calum's drawing to continue the conversation.

"Really how so?" I asked while trying not to laugh as the marker Calum was using was beginning to tickle.
"I have the power of foreseeing. I just knew it would happen." Michael shrugged his shoulder like he was dead serious but before I had a chance to say anything else Calum's voice was heard.

"Done! Here look!" He intertwined our hands to show me how the pictures he drew worked prefectly together. He drew a mickey mouse on his hand and a minnie mouse on mine, It was so adorable.

"That is the cutest thing I have ever seen."


After saying goodbye to Calum and agreeing to hang out again later tonight, Ashley and I made our way back to her apartment. She had spent the whole drive home weighting the pro's and con's of both Luke and Harry since she didn't know who she liked more. She had made some good points but most of it was just her rambling on and it was starting to give me a headache.

"All I'm saying is that Harry is great but Luke is a lot more fun ya know? I mean you're in a love triangle thingy too! How do you deal with it?" I laughed at her for a second before answering her question.

"I don't." She looked blankly at me for a second knowing that I was serious.

Before she had a chance to say something her phone began to ring with her annoying Spice girls ringtone. She looked down at it and began to panic.

"It's Harry! What do I do? Do I tell him where I've been?" She looked like she was about to be sick.
"He doesn't own you Ash." She nodded before handing me her house keys and walking off to answer the call.

I shook my head slightly at the fact that we were both going through a two-boy problem and yet it was completely different.

The door wasn't locked but then again I can't remember if we actually locked it this morning.
I pushed the door open slowly and saw that the apartment was slightly messy but then again it always is so how was I meant to tell if anyone has been in here?

I thought I heard a faint sound come from the bedroom so I started to walk towards it. Probably not my best idea.

I was almost there when a tall frame ran out of the room and pushed me out of his way as he sprinted out of the apartment. The back of my head came in contact with the wall pretty hard and I stumbled to the ground not even trying to stop myself.

Things started to seem all fuzzy and I felt like I was drifting off to sleep so I closed my eyes and felt my body instantly relax as I did so. I tried to open my eyes again but they were to heavy, my thoughts started to drift away and slowly I gave in.


"OW! That hurts!" The stupid paramedic kept pushing the damp cloth to the back of my head and rolled his eyes at how childish I was being.

"You're just lucky your friend found you fast or it could of got a lot worse!" The rised his voice making me back down.
I guess he was right, I definiatly didn't see this coming but I'm glad Ashley was around.

Just then a teary eyed Liam ran into the apartment with Harry right behind him, Ashley was huddled into Harry's side and it looked like she was crying too.

"Why are you all so sad? I'm fine." The paramedic scoffed like he was trying to say 'only thanks to me' but Liam just shoot him a glare and he quickly bowed his head like he was scared of Liam.

"You should have let them take you to the hospital Katie!" He walked over to me and grabbed the sides of my face as he inspected it for damage.

"I said I'm fine and do you realize how much attention that would have brought if I went to the hospital?" He ignored my words and pulled me in for a hug.
"You had me worried shitless Katie."

"Weren't you in the studio? You didn't have to come if you were busy." I pushed him away from me so I could see him properly.

"I love you Katie you're my baby sister and I would do anything for you." I sighed deeply as he said the word 'love'

"But I'm fine you didn't have to come."

"I would drop anything at anytime for you." When he said those words a light bulb inside me went off. Dropping anything at anytime? That is like the prefect definition of love. I finally understand how it feels to know you love.

"I love you too Liam."


This is probably the most white girl chapter I have ever typed :/

Anyway guys please check out my new story! And if I get ten subscribers on it by this time tomorrow then I will update this story again straight away!


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