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My head was hitting a metal wall in a choppy pattern and I had a bad case of cotton mouth. I couldn't see anything so I used my only other sense: hearing. It sounded like we were driving and I could believe it. That would explain the metal walls. I tried to move away from the corner but my arms and legs were tied tight. Shit.

You know what? Double shit.

How did I even get myself in this?

Oh yeah, dumbass. You killed a man!

I was about to finish my mental scolding when the van stopped. Which wasn't exactly good because I fell over sideways and couldn't lift myself because these asshats had tied me up!

The back of the truck opened up and one of those big looking goons came in and grabbed me.

"Put me down!" I yelled, even though my mouth was hella dry at this moment.

"Are you sure about that?" The buffoon said in his obnoxiously deep voice.

"Yes! Just untie me first, fucktard!"

"That goes against my orders." He said, carrying me into some black brick building.

"Why the hell would you tie me up anyway? What am I gonna do, jump out onto the street while it's moving?"

"I don't know. You killed a man. I don't know what you'd do." I could hear the smile in his voice. I rocked my body, trying to kick him where the sun don't shine.

"I killed him because, if I didn't, he was gonna kill me. Therefore, idiot, I was trying to preserve my life. Not end it." He slammed me down hard, making my bottom teeth hit the top ones.

"Skylar! Will you just come get the little brat?"

"I'm coming! You know, if you didn't do stupid shit, I bet she wouldn't have a reason to mouth off to you."

"She has a point." I said. When she rounded the corner, I wasn't expecting to see her, looking the way she did. She wore a determined expression on her face, which was framed by a thick mane of bright purple curls. Her outfit was pure leather and her sleeveless crop top showed the butterflies tattooed on her forearm.

"Of course I do. You can leave now, Mack." She said to him. He grunted but walked around me. "You must be Tristan." She looked me up and down. I could feel the power radiating from her. I just nodded my head.

"Well, there's a few things you should know. I work in Central Intellegence with Barry." She pointed at a guy with glasses who turned and waved, "But I also train and work with the Task Force. I take care of the New Recruits. You get assignments and if you fail to succeed too many times, you will be exterminated. We would have no purpose for a soft agent."

"Got it." I said, nodding my head again.

"And just to be clear, you do what I tell you, when I tell you. Question my authority and your life here will be compromised." She definitely was powerful. I smiled, in awe and fear.

"I understand."

"Good. This is Central Intelligence, where we create all weapons, technology, and obtain information." I saw a little green bug crawling across the ledge I was standing by. I reached out to pick it up.

"No! N-no. Just... um, don't touch the Cybugs. I'm still working on them." Barry stuttered, picking the little bug up and moving it away from me.

"Barry, do you want to explain what the Cybugs will be used for?" Skylar asked.

"Um, sure. Cybugs are designed to take SpyCam footage of your target and with the right inside design, it can be a bug, too. In the case that your cover is compromised, the Cybugs send all information to us and self destructs." He said.

"That's so cool." I murmured, staring at the tiny beetle.

"Indeed, it is. On behalf of the entire agency, we'd like to welcome you to T-KON, Tristan." Skylar said, showing me what I assume is a training facility through a thick glass panel. There, teenagers and adults were doing hand to hand combat and punching dummies. I can't wait to get down there. "Go get changed and you can start training and meet your fellow APs. Agents in Progress." She said. I still had one question.

"What's T-KON?"

"Trained Killers Of Nevada."


A/N: Ahhh another chapter! How do you like it so far? What do you think they're planning for Tristan? Why was she recruited? What do you think of Skylar? More to come, soon. -Kay


Thanks :)

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Thumbs up!

Ooh! I'm so excited to read more! :D

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I hope the third chapter is longer :)

Kay_Baby Kay_Baby

I can't wait to read more; but I'd absolutely love if the chapters were a tiny bit longer so that we could get to know the characters a little more. That's just personally me though; if you're comfortable with your writing just stick to it. I'm sure with the more I read the easier it will get for me xox

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