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The Nurse

I Love The Way

…. A Week Later (At the Airport) ….

Rebeca's POV:

Let me tell you what you’ve missed in this week that passed. First of all, the talk with Sophia, along with the help from Perrie and Eleanor in a joined phone conversation, went well because she agreed. As for the hospital, Angela was right because they did accept our permission for a week off. And finally for what went with my mother’s health, she started her sessions; and Dad told me that the girls and I could stay at home whenever we want; apparently he has been sleeping at the hospital more than at home.

Right now, the boys, along with Angela, Sophia, and I are waiting in the lounge at the airport. Harry fell asleep on my shoulder, since he had a little tough time waking up today at 6:30 am. I slowly plugged in my headsets and pressed Play on my I-Phone (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=102263882), to listen to some music; for the sake of passing time.

In the middle of the song, I felt someone plug off one ear-piece and place it in the person’s ear. “(He whined.) Do you really like this song?” I giggled at Harry’s expression, while I nodded and he smiled. We kept listening to the song: (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5F-AsTYJeCw), until the announcer informed through the speaker that we can board on the plane; Harry lifted his head from my shoulder, and we both stood up to enter the plane with the rest of the sleepy group.

“You know what I like about that song so much?” I whispered to Harry as I sat next to him in the first class lounge, which was quiet interesting for a first time experience. He nodded for me to tell him, and that I did: “The reason is because it describes the feeling that I will always have for you no matter what happens.” He smiled and kissed me deeply, until we were interrupted by someone clearing his throat. “Miss, do you mind fastening you seatbelt?” I blushed and buckled it over my waist, as the flight attendant requested. “Busted!” Zayn playfully joked as he and Louis witnessed everything. I laughed with Harry, and the flight to San Francisco begun.

…. 2 Hours Later ….

I didn’t realize I slept, but apparently that was evident when I woke up. Harry was watching a movie, and I was sleeping in his arms as his head laid over mine in silence. I don’t remember us removing the seat handle and joining our chairs; I’m too tired to recall that. I moved my head from his chest and sat back straight in my seat, which made him look at me and smile that cheeky grin that’s worth millions of words to describe its natural beauty.

He paused the movie, and took the headsets off: “Slept well, love?” I nodded with a smile, and took off my leather jacket. “They asked me what you wanted to eat, like meat or chicken; I ordered you the chicken platter is that fine?” I giggled and replied: “Baby you know I am a vegetarian, (He slapped his forehead and groaned from the mistake he did.) It’s fine I’ll give you the chicken and eat the rest (I held his hand in mine and ran my thumb over it.)” He nodded and then I heard giggling from the seat behind. Harry scrunched his eye brow wondering what I exactly had in mind as well; I turned my head to see the source of the giggles.

To my amazement, Liam and Sophia were laughing together taking pictures on his phone with various funny poses. Sophia signaled for me with her index finger to come join in a picture with her and Liam, and that’s when I stood up from my seat and smiled as the flash took control from the camera.

Miss Lane, you know we can have our separate ones as well, right?” Harry scoffed and we three giggled as I returned to my seat. I handed Zayn my camera and crashed my lips with Harry’s as he took the picture. I don’t know why, but we didn’t seem to be able to stop, so I had to bite Harry’s lip softly to pause on our make out session (https://dx5y3z85enc4t.cloudfront.net/540x540/fit/hostedimages/1380411409/807961.gif), Zayn groaned from our action, and I slapped his arm playfully while I took my phone back and viewed the picture with Harry.



Comment: Well that was something you guys wanted and missed a lot right? #Hecky romance (Y) <3 They are the cutest aren't they! :'D <3 And finally Sophia and Liam are back together, I know that all of my #Liamators out there were sad because of what they read yesterday, but now you can all cheer up guys! <3 Let's see what awaits after the plane lands:


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Are you going to make a new story? Ive read all of them and I'm in love with your writing
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this story has been awesome!!! <3
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