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The Nurse

Decision Taken

Rebeca's POV:

They sat down on the couch and we all took a mug from the tray. “Well? Come on let’s hear it!” Harry tired to change the mood, by sounding a little enthusiastic; and it did work a little. “We have a solution sorted out to all of the problems, ready to hear it?” I nodded, and so did Liam and Harry. “(He placed his arm over Angela’s shoulder, and spoke.) Since you know we will be on tour in America after a week, (I looked at Harry confused; why don’t I know about this?) We will all be suffering from managing time to stay in touch, with the people we grew on recently (He winks at Angela and she blushes.) I came up with an idea that will make us all happy. Angela, is joining us on the American tour, so are you Becky, and last but not least; Soph.” What? Impossible! Oh seriously Niall how could I join and I have hospital duty and my mom’s issue to worry about?

“Niall, that’s insane! (I placed my mug on the table and crossed my arms.) I can’t just let go of my job, and neither can you Angie. (Why is she smiling? I proceeded.) I can’t, I’m sorry.” Harry looked at me like he was a little disappointed in my answer, but still he was rubbing my back slowly to sooth my mind. “Darling, first of all you know that the hospital is going to be busy training the new medical students; which means we could submit a vacation leave, and it will easily be accepted. Second of all, I honestly wouldn’t go if you aren’t.” Angela spoke and Niall nodded with a smile, well I guess since this point rose; I might reconsider.

“(He leans to my cheek and kisses it softly.) Come on baby, I can’t leave you here and you know it; just come with us. I promise you that it will be a positive trip… (He rubs my shoulder.)” I sigh and so does Liam, I mean clearly we both still have unresolved conflicts. “What about my mom, Harry? You want me to just go tour with you and forget that she’s sick?” He thought of his reply, as it popped out wisely: “Our first concert is in San Francisco… (My eyes widened in happiness.) You know that I would never force you to come…” No Harry don’t frown now! Wait let me think of it a little: A vacation from the hospital, that’s something I need. Plus, I get to be with Harry at all times which I can’t be even happier about. And finally I get to be with my mom during her therapy since the first concert is in San Francisco; that’s it I have my mind straight on a decision.

(I tilted his chin with my index finger to look at me.) I can’t wait to tour with you. (He smiled warmly and kissed my forehead.) I’ll also be able to see my mother, right?” He nodded and answered instantly: “As much as you want, love. Come here (he placed me in his embrace and hugged me tight.)” Liam stood up all of a sudden and rubbed his forehead with a little sign of frustration on his face. “What if Sophia doesn’t agree? I can’t force her mate.” He asked Niall, and then I felt like I had a solution for that:Li, would you leave that to me and the girls? I’ll talk to her personally; I promise you she’ll accept.” He smiled and sat back down with a sigh of relief.

“It’s settled! The girls are coming!” Niall clapped his hands, and for the first time I saw him kiss Angela’s cheek! “Hold it right there you two! Is there something I must know?” I asked playfully, as they both blushed and Harry laughed with Liam. “Erm… I’m hungry! Angie, come help me fix something to eat?” Niall’s blush and stutter made it all clear that he and Angela are on to something together; maybe it’s not the time yet, but still they seem all over each other. “I’m going to go upstairs to talk to Sophia. Excuse me.” I stood up and started to walk, but Harry grabbed my hand and kissed my palm moistly; I love the way he does that all the time! I smiled at my boyfriend and went upstairs to have a little girl talk with Sophia on the telephone.


Wooho! #Hecky are going to San Francisco! :D <3 If you're wondering why Rebeca was not that enthusiastic As you all know that her mother is diagnosed with a lethal disease, and it's not simple for her at all to deal with it obviously. But, wait... Did you guys notice the friction between Niall and Angela? ;) <3 Well let's keep our fingers crossed for hope in these two as well! What do you guys think? Will Sophia agree? (Y) Let's find out if she will, and what will be happening next :


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