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The Only Time


I smile happily as Susan and I stroll through the park—a secret place where I could only hope that paparazzi could not find us. Poor Susan… she did not ask to be ostracized by the media. They are so harsh on my beautiful lady.

“Look, Harry!” She exclaims, pointing her finger to our right. “Swings! Let’s go!” She grabs my hand and we jog over to the play set.

“Want a push?” I ask, putting my hands on her back.

She begins to kick her legs and I continue to push. “Higher, Harry! Higher!” She giggles. “I want to touch the sky!”

I do what she says, grinning like a fool as I do so. Susan is so free-spirited and I love that about her. Her head is in the clouds. It really it helps me from being so uptight and cynical toward the world. I realize that Susan is off the swing and facing me. She walks toward me slowly, taking my hand.

Susan kisses me softly and whispers, “Let’s go over by the pond,” against my lips.

I follow her and we sit on the bright green grass, watching the ducks and geese swim by. I lay on my back and she snuggles up close to me. I stroke her hair blonde hair and kiss her head, murmuring delightful things.

“Oh no!” Susan says, tone full of sorrow.

“What is it, love?” I ask, sitting up.

“Rain clouds…” she points up to the sky and sure enough, gray storm clouds were moving in fast.

“Shall we go?” I stand and brush myself off; then help Susan off the ground.

We arrive at Susan’s apartment in about twenty minutes. By that time, it was pouring down rain. With no umbrella, we enter the apartment in soaking wet clothes.

“Oh, Harry, I’m so wet!” Susan says overdramatically. “What ever am I to do?” She puts her pruned finger in her mouth, sucking on it tenderly.

God, she is such a fucking tease. I can see her black lacey bra through her tank top. It was making me so hot. Susan goes over to the iPod dock and turns on some sensual music. She dances seductively around the room, twirling and swaying her hips. Like I said—fucking tease.

Susan’s dark eyes meet mine, a sinister smile on her face. “What are you going to do about it, lover boy?” It is like she can read my mind!

Putting one leg behind me, I take a running leap over to where Susan is. I grab her arms and slam her against the wall, smashing my lips into hers. I suck on her mouth as she ruggedly runs her fingers through my hair.

Susan pulls my face away from hers. “Let’s take this to the bedroom.”

It was not a question—it was a command. I comply and I awkwardly follow her to her bedroom. We kick off our shoes and then take off our shirts. I walk over unbutton her jeans as I suckle on her soft neck and she moans gently.

Out of nowhere, Susan throws me on the bed. I stare up at her, not expecting this from her. She pulls off her jeans and climbs on top of me. She kisses me intensely as her fingertips run across my skin, causing goose pimples to rise. Susan’s right fingers find my nipple. She squeezes and twists, causing me to squirm, but I cannot help but feel myself grow harder.
“That’s right, baby—I know just what you like,” she whispers seductively. “Let me lead the way…”

I relax and Susan’s lips travel all across my body and down to my crotch. She licks at the fabric of my jeans and I am overwhelmed with the feeling. She finally unzips my pants and yanks them off my legs. She rubs the palm of her hand against my throbbing member, causing me to bite lip to keep from shouting out.

“I’m going to take care of you, Harry…” she mutters, still stroking me through my boxer briefs.Susan pulls my underwear down and throws them across the floor. The anticipation is killing me and Susan knows it. She is going to make this long and hard… no pun intended.
Suddenly, I feel Susan put her hand around the base of my shaft. She slowly slips my tip into her mouth and begins to suck on it. I feel the pit of my stomach fill with warmth and desire. Back and forth; up and down, Susan sucks me off. She starts pumping her hand in and out at my base.

I sit up and grip the comforter at the edge of the bed. My hand then moves to the back of Susan’s head—guiding her. “Oh, fuck, that feels so good, Susan!” I exclaim with my nose scrunched up. I throw my head back, my curls flying through the air.

I watch as Susan takes her long tongue—start at the base—licks to the tip, then kissing the end. I call out—overwhelmed with pleasurable feelings. “Faster! Oh, fuck, please, faster!” I cry out.

Susan complies. At a rate of speed that I thought was impossible, she sucks and pumps even faster. I feel myself grow closer to orgasm. My head aches with the familiar sensation and I grit my teeth, grunting with each second. An indescribable sensitivity forms in my lower abdomen and the fires of heaven erupt inside my head.

“Fuck!” I cry out when I release my climax.

Susan slows her pace, not wanting to cut me off straight away. She then slips me out of her mouth and slithers into the bathroom. Susan comes back into the room a few seconds later to find me lying in a dead heap on the bed. She sits on the bed next to me and I manage to sit up.

“That, was—“ I pant but Susan puts her finger over my mouth.

“You don’t need to say anything,” she assures.

I nod slightly, understanding her logic. I put my arm around her shoulders and I kiss her forehead. “I love you, Susan.”


Even the most innocent girls with their heads in the clouds have a dark, dirty side to them. ;) This is the last posting of 2013. I'll post a New Year's imagine on Jan. 1st. Oh and Jan. 1st, I will be doing a TwitCam with my best friend, Molly, so follow me on Twitter (@niam__tits_) for updates!

Susan and Harry's Outfits: http://tinyurl.com/n24cjl3
Title Credit: "Teeth" by Lady Gaga


I love these! You're an amazing writer! (:

Thank you so much I really loved it! Totally worth the wait.

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Sorry but requests are currently closed! I have like five of them to do. Lol.

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