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surviving the bite

chapter 7

“is Niall alright?” Paul said.
“I defiantly think that he is ill.” I said.
“but he has been ill for a while.” Paul said.
“just forget it I’m going to check on him.” I said and walked away from the table. I reached the bathroom and heard someone quietly sobbing. I walked up to the stall Niall was in and he was kneeling on the floor leaning over the toilet crying and he threw up again, I walked over to him and rubbed his back.
“it’s alright Niall.” I said.
“it’s not though, how come my transformation has been worse you and Louis looked so easy yet mine I kill people, I’ve not been able to eat any human food to make me look normal I can’t keep doing this. I can’t.” Niall said.
“It will get easier, you have only been a vampire for two days it will get easier trust me my first few days weren’t that good my emotions got the better of me and I was pissed off with everyone, remember I almost punched some paparazzi.” I said.
It made Niall laugh a little “ that was kind of funny when you almost punched him like.” Niall said.
“come on we should go back, or do you want to go up to your room.” I said.
“I will stay for a little while.” Niall said.
“good because you need practise.” I said I put my arm over his shoulder and we talked for a little while until we reached the table.
“so are you feeling better Niall.” Paul said.
“a bit I mean I’m not going to eat any more over wise it might make me feel worse but I’m fine to stay.” Niall said.
Everyone made small talk for a while and Niall started to look uncomfortable and he kept swallowing and licking his lips, but he seemed to snap himself out of it everytime.
“Niall are you ok?” I whispered to him.
“no, I’m really thirsty, but I can’t think of anything to say.” He whispered.
“um guys Niall isn’t feeling well so I’m going to walk him back to his room and then I will come back.” I said.
“no you don’t have to because we are finished we have talked about everything that needed to be discussed but boys don’t forget there is an interview tomorrow at 11’ o’clock and then after that you guys get two hours free and then you have to be at the arena to get ready for the concert alright.” Paul said.
“ok Paul what time do we need to be ready for.” Liam asked.
“we leave at half 9 giving us plenty of time to get there and get sorted out.” Paul said.
“ok night.” We all said and we started to walk to our rooms whilst we were walking I realised Niall dropped behind.
“what’s wrong?” I asked.
“i feel like I’m going to collapse.” Niall said.
“wait why?” I said.
“I just feel weak and I have no energy to do anything.” Niall said.
“you probably puked up all of the blood you had in your stomach once you get some blood you will be fine.” I said we continued to walk to the hotel room and Niall fell to the floor.
“come on it’s not far.” I said.
“I need you to get Liam away before I attack him or even Emma.” Niall said.
“control it you won’t hurt them.” I said I pinned him against the wall and kept him there.
“Louis get a blood bag.” I said Louis turned around and he ran at vampire speed into the room and back with 2 blood bags.
“drink Niall.” I said and he drank them down straight away.
“better?” Louis asked.
“yeah.” Niall said.
“I think we are going out hunting tonight so you should be better tomorrow and the blood lust shouldn’t take over at all since you will have had fresh blood.” I said. and we walked into the room and Niall went straight over to Rachel and he sat on the settee and Rachel cuddled up to him whilst Emma came up to me and hugged me.
“you know we haven’t had many moments like this for ages.” I said picking her up bridal style and spinning her around and she giggled.
“well it’s been hard with everything going on and just to think after these two weeks I won’t get to see you for ages, because if my dad finds out I am still with you and hanging out with the boys then I will be on lockdown for the rest of my life.” Emma said looping her arms around my neck.
“well if that happens I will just have to save you again and sneak you out.” I said kissing her.
“I don’t want to leave.” Emma said.
“then don’t if you don’t go back then how can you be grounded or put into lockdown.” I said.
“but I will get into even more trouble.” Emma said.
“then that’s good.” I said.
“HARRY!” Louis shouted.
“he is such a moment killer.” I said and Emma laughed.
“what Louis.” I said.
“we are going hunting so hurry up.” Louis said.
“I guess I have to go.” I said.
“don’t kill an innocent person remember what will happen if you spill innocent blood.” Emma said.
“wait Louis, Niall and Rach have spilled innocent blood they have killed innocent people what will happen to them.” I said.
“they only know about Rachel spilling innocent blood so Niall and Louis are in the clear but they will figure it out soon enough.” Emma said.
“so they are still out to get us.” I said.
“don’t worry I promise I will try my best to keep them off your trail.” Emma said.
“HARRY COME ON” Louis shouted.
“ok now I have to go, I will see you soon.” I said and kissed her on the lips and ran out of the room. We walked out of the hotel and into the street.
“so where do you think the best place to hunt is.” Louis asked.
“near the centre of town.” Rachel said.
“ok so if you lead and we will follow.” Louis said.
“yup, Niall are you ok to run at vampire speed.” Rachel said.
“yeah I can do that I’m just not good at stopping.” Niall said.
“just balance yourself out when you stop but slow your speed at the end then you balance yourself out.” Rachel said.
“got it.” Niall said and we sped off near the town Louis and Niall sat on the floor and I was next to Rachel.
“found anyone.” I said.
“yeah someone who has been in prison twice for a hit and run and ooh he had a partner so we will have to work together to stop them from getting away.” Rachel said after a few minutes two guys ran down the alley to hide we were all in the shadows. Me and Louis were taking the second guys and me and Rachel and Niall are taking the other guy, where Rachel will teach him how to hunt.


I love it

Hello1Dkitty Hello1Dkitty

@Harry's kitty kat
Thats what i have named it and i have posted the first chapter i would update but im at school unfortantly haha

Emmaaaa Emmaaaa

I think immortal life sounds really good!! <3

@Harry's kitty kat
aw i'm happy i'm making another one it's fun writing i've always had a passion for writing i suspose and aw i'm glad it is your favourite fanfic i literally looked back at the begining of the first story and i can tell that it's improved like my writing was shit at the beginning haha i still don't know what to call the next one i have an idea and it's immortal life but i'm not sure any ideas? <3

Emmaaaa Emmaaaa

Ahahaha I'm so glad you're making another story and yes, your really good!!! This is my favourite fanfic <3