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When You Let Your Heart Win - Comments, page 3

I love this story, please keep writing it.

Absolutely love this story and I really hope that you do make a sequel when this one is finished. This is one of the only stories that I like to read with the boys in it because it's more real life than others that people write.

Wow i never thought that would happen

DelilahStyles DelilahStyles

This is the first thing i thought of when i herd the news! I so wish this was the accusal case!

Juliarose10135 Juliarose10135

@Syn Roze!
It's late April in the story now and will go on until sometime in September

For the tumblr question, the only time this will go on tumblr is if I do the sequel and honestly, it doesn't look like I'm going to. I say this all the time, so forgive me if I sound like a broken record but it seems like nobody knows how to comment anymore, so why give them something when I get maybe two/three actual comments a chapter?

sorry that you and your boyfriend are going through something similar to this. I wouldn't wish feelings like what Teddy and Louis are going through right now on anyone. I hope everything works out for the best

and Teddy and Louis are not over. They can never be over. It's Teddy and Louis for crying out loud ;) shit happens and people need their space or so they think they do. Just wait and see :) xoxox

luckylo luckylo

Are they over :( ? It is like magic that you wrote something like this because this is exactly what I'm going through with my boyfriend...i love him undoubtedly but the relationship just feels so...teddy and louis and this chapter just put things into perspective for me so thank you. Thank you so much you beautiful amazing and talented writer. *huge hug*

(you don't have to tell me ) how long will this story continue? Will you be putting it up on tumblr like you said? And Finally my thoughts...
I truly agree with Teddy that their relationship has changed dynamically and of course time apart for revaluation or prioritization even can fix the parts that hurt her but I do feel like she is not taking Louis's emotions into consideration..he just lost a son technically and it could be possible he may noy have one again due to teddy's situation, so to leave him, although she owes it to herself, could be phsycologically damaging. You have managed to create a catch 22! Yay! But overall the quality was great and it felt like it came from a familiar place :)
(long ass post...so sorry xx)

-Until next time

Syn Roze! Syn Roze!

I read every single chapter in one sitting. Omg. I'm in love. Keep it up girly (: xxx

Argh love this! I swear this story just st keeps getting better with every plottw

That was an amazing chapter very well written, I can't wait to find out what happens in the next chapter

That was an amazing chapter very well written, I can't wait to find out what happens in the next chapter

So many emotions!!!!! Ah can't wait to see what happens next. Thanks for updating!

I'm sitting here crying! To many emotions to handle!

where did that come from teddy!!! poor louis

DelilahStyles DelilahStyles

Omg i didn't think that was going to happen, i thought they'll be happy again and wont want to be away from each other, but however i think they o need a little bot of space i just hope Louis doesn't find another girl and Teddy doesn't find another man otherwise that will be torture! Loved this chapter!

That was a very emotional chapter and because of hat I feel like crying. So in other words you did really amazing. Good job !!

I neeeeed Louis reaction in my life! Love this. Amazing as always x

I can't wait to read about Louis reaction, this chapter was amazing as per usual, I don't know how you can write like this! It's incredible people! X

you left me in a cliff hanger i cant wait to read louis expression when he reacts to teddy kissing niall

LiamIsAHottie LiamIsAHottie

woah no wtf why did you end it like that i need to know what will happen

DelilahStyles DelilahStyles
  1. Omg I just started reading and let me tell this story is amazing! UPDATE UPDATE!
Louis' Angels Louis' Angels