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When You Let Your Heart Win - Comments, page 2

Is this going to get an update? :) x

I knowwwwww! And I'm literally going to laugh my ass off the second there's proof it's not his kid

luckylo luckylo

This story is like the whole Briana and Louis situation but with danielle

Elicya Elicya

update?? :)))

When is the next chapter coming? :D x

I am so happy that they seem to be on a remedial track to having a better relationship!!! This is exactly what I love to see relationships be like: to have ups and downs but to be able to work through in the best of their ability. It just makes it so realistic and hopeful as well. Great TALENT AND WRITING SKILLS....I cant get enough of it.

Syn Roze! Syn Roze!

Please update soon! I love this story x

I don't know if I ever commented on this story before - but i really like it. I love the STORY! Like, not just as a 1D story, but if this was just a normal fictional book, I would totally buy it. I love how the relationships are developing in the story and I really like your writingstyle! You really know how to write the emotions and you have my laughing, smiling and almost tearing up in some chapters.
I like that your chapters are a bit long because that way you can really get into the story and the characters!
So yeah - just thought you deserved to know because im
sure you've spend a lot of time one this story!

WhyNot WhyNot

That was a brilliant chapter love (:

It's great to have you back x it's totally fine that you haven't updated in a while, your health and well being are the most important thing

Hey, great to have you back x

Elicya Elicya

Omg I am so stupid. I meant Teddy not Julia. Sorry!!!!!!! It's been a while since I've read this.

Btw this is my profile on the Niall fanfic site and the one below is on the 1D fanfic site. Lol

Make one where Louis doesn't have 'the right equipment' I should say, to make a baby with Julia an make Niall or someone (mostly Niall cuz I'm a Niall and Louis girl) make the baby with Julia. ??? Good ???

Nacahoran21 Nacahoran21


this is literally the BESSSSSTTTTT fan fiction I've ever read!!!!

Please. I'm begging!!!

~Naca Horan❤️

Nacahoran21 Nacahoran21

Just caught up on this story ! Haven't read it in a long while. I'm really excited to see how this 'break' works out for Louis & Teddy's relationship. I think Teddy deserves some alone time to get her head together but I also think Louis needs her at a time like this. So, I don't know what I want to happen.
Can't wait for you to update ! I'll be here.

If the sequel happens, Zayn will be written out and since Zerrie broke up, things that I wanted to happen may not even happen anymore and I haven't decided if Perrie will be written out or not yet, like she's Teddy's best friend, but then since I don't keep up with Little Mix and I try to keep up with where the boys actually are at the time, I don't know and we'll just have to see if we get that far. WYLYHW ends sometime September, six months before Zayn's bullshit

luckylo luckylo

Hey I really like this book please update while its the holidays even though zayn and perrie broke up and zayn left please keep it how it is.

Elicya Elicya

Never have I ever said anything about the votes and comments not being similar to the amount of views a problem… I've been on this site for two years now, so I understand you can only vote once. I've read stories on here too and caught that pretty quickly. And yes I understand everyone who reads this doesn't have an account, but I don't understand if you come to a site to read something all the time, why not have an account, but that's still not the problem. There is 598 subscribers that have accounts and I get about five comments a chapter, how is that fair? Why write a sequel whenever I don't know what people are thinking and I know I won't get feedback that will help the both of us? (You help me by commenting your thoughts of what you think, and I help you with posting a chapter) I don't expect 598 comments every chapter but five 'comments' saying 'oh I love your story' isn't giving me much to work with. How do I know what they love exactly? There's three parts to every chapter I write and 'I love this story, keep it up' is telling me practically nothing. Sorry that you don't understand where I'm coming from, I really don't know how else to explain it any other way. Sorry that I like feedback that encourages me to write. Sorry that I don't see me writing the sequel. Sorry for not being confident with what I used to have and now I don't.

luckylo luckylo

I love this story and the way its developed throughout the time it has been up. I know you wish for the comments and votes to be closer to the amount of views, however, the votes and views--for most stories at least--will never be close due to the number of chapters. You can only vote once but you have 95 chapters. Also, some readers dont even have an account.
I know I didnt for a while. The comments could be closer, but some people just do not comment until theyve finished reading. You may think low of me for saying this to you, but it is only my opinion--one of billions out there. I truly do love this story and hope what Ive said can change your mind for a sequel. This was one of the first stories I came upon on this website was this one and seeing it become one of the best on here has been a thrill. I cant wait for an update, whenever that may be and I look forward to see what becomes of Louis and Teddy.

SkinnyJeans SkinnyJeans